Have you ever wished you could take a few of the many amazing recipes home with you from your trip outside the country, or perhaps take the chef home as well, because the food really was that good?

After all, while many local delicacies taste delicious while being experienced in a foreign atmosphere, it’s not always the same once you get behind the stove at your own home.peru3 061

Maybe that’s just because you don’t know exactly how to add a bit of this and that in the recipe or even how to shop for the right ingredients.

Enter the chance to indulge in a local cooking school, in this case in Lima, Peru.

Learn local cooking in Lima, Peru.

Learn local cooking in Lima, Peru.

Indeed, on any visit to the country of Peru, there are a few foods that must be experienced. In addition to the local favorite drink, Cusco Sour, the dishes are mostly delicious.Think Cerviche, which is one of my local favorites

But Pisco Sours and Cerviche are not all that Peru is known for in the kitchen. So after flying back early from Cusco to Lima, and waiting on a late night flight home, I decided why not, and indulged in a cooking school in Lima’s Tony Miraflores district.

My entire trip had been organized by a company that does trips for visitors to Peru, called Andean Discovery. Thanks to Andean Discovery, I was whisked away to Miraflores and up to a top floor penthouse to discover amazing views and even better, the perfect combination of recipes for a truly authentic meal.

Called Sky Kitchen, it is a hands-on class, and the instructor is a serious sort who takes cooking to the next level. He was definitely not impressed with my lack of culinary skills, even as I donned my pink apron.

Learning to prepare the local cuisine is a bit trickier than eating it.

Learning to prepare the local cuisine is a bit trickier than eating it.

Folks can join the cooking classes for an intimate experience at lunch, where you will cook a three-course meal over a three-hour period, dinner for a four-course meal over a period of about three-and-a-half hours, or an Andean Food with Quinoa four-course meal, either for lunch or dinner, spanning almost four hours of cooking and eating.

For the dinner meal, my first course to prepare and eat was Causa Rellena, followed by Ceviche, Lomo Saltado and for the fourth course, Picarones. You can also bring your own wine to the cooking class, adding even more fun.

Even a bigger bonus though, which I did not get to do, is to explore the local market with the chef before a lunch class, starting at around 9:00 a.m. At the market, you will test food that you will help prepare later, and even have the chance to taste as many as thirty different kinds of fruit not grown in the United States. All this, as the chef is wielding a big knife and a bigger attitude, looking for just the right ingredients for your lunch.

The chef here takes his job very seriously.

The chef here takes his job very seriously.

After the class, well, let’s just say I can now add a few Peruvian dishes to my short list of tried and true cuisine. For me, Sky Kitchen comes highly recommended, as a way to enjoy some last moments in Peru before heading home.


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