You don’t need to be a millionaire to live in luxe décor. Here’s how to recreate luxury interior design looks while still making rent.

Home improvement doesn’t always come cheap.

Indeed, people spent around $394 billion on it in the United States last year!

Clearly, individuals around the country are keen on upgrading their living space. And they’re willing to pay for the privilege!

But what if you don’t have the cash right now? Are home developments off-limits?

Not at all!

Thankfully, there are definite ways of getting luxe décor without spending thousands of dollars in the process. All it takes is the right know-how and a practical approach.

With these in tow, you can get the home of your dreams on a budget in no time. Want to know how to do it?

Keep reading for top tips on getting 5-star luxury at home, without breaking the bank.

  1. Emphasize Existing Features

Your home may already have all it needs to look luxurious.

Look around. Are there any hidden gems lurking under the radar, lacking the prominence they deserve? Examples might include wooden beams and hardwood floors. How about fireplaces or crown molding?

Any and all of these could become central features in your home. They might just need a bit of love and care to bring them up to their full potential. Strip back the paint, expose the wood, clean the surfaces, and so on.

Do it right and these quality components can stand out and give your home a fresh new look.

  1. Create a Feature Wall

A fresh lick of paint is often all it takes to restore a room to its former glory.

Over time, current coats can become a little tired-looking, weathered and worn. This lackluster décor hardly inspires anyone inside. Consider repainting if this is the case in your home. Indeed, this is one of the cheapest home updates possible!

luxe decor

And it can make all the difference. Why not take it one step further though?

Adding a pop of contrasting color to one wall can create a focal point to a room. Green, blue, orange or pink, it doesn’t matter. These feature walls draw peoples’ attention. They add a note of personality and modernity to the space too.

  1. Add Plants and General Greenery

Plants provide another easy way of creating a stunning aesthetic in your home.

Go down to the local garden center. Pick out a selection of plants that would look perfect in particular rooms. From the largest of ferns to the smallest of potted plants, they all add an air of luxury to a space.

Plants make for living home accessories. They add flashes of color to modern, minimalist décor. They also help create warmth and draw attention from visitors.

Every home should incorporate plants inside.

  1. Include Artwork

Nothing says average like bare walls!

Of course, sometimes minimal is best. Other times it seems empty and lifeless.

Hanging artwork of any kind provides an easy workaround. The art you hang in your home says something about you. It helps to show off your personality and bring some style into each room.

Nicely, you don’t need to buy new artwork or frames at an immense expense. Far from it! Sometimes the best things to showcase on your walls are items you already have.

The painting your child did at school last week. The flight tickets from your last vacation. The photo-booth pictures you and your partner took last weekend. Postcards bought on foreign shores…it could be anything!

Likewise, many modern frames can be bought at discount prices too. Go to stores like IKEA, or try out discount shopping sites (more info here). You can often find absolute bargains! They look fancy and expensive but cost very little.

  1. Opt for Cohesive Design

5-star spaces are easier to achieve than you might think.

Often, all it requires is a cohesive approach to the decoration in your home.

It helps to create a sense of style and swank. Utilizing different colors, furniture and accessories throughout the house to make it seem more ‘thrift-shop’ than luxe-décor! Compare that to a unified color palette and matching pieces, which scream chic.

Approach your decoration with this in mind. Select a color scheme and an overall look you want. Then stick with it throughout the house.

  1. Keep Things Simple

Elegance tends to go hand in hand with simplicity.

There’s a time and a place for mess and clutter. But it’s rarely a good fit in the pursuit of a luxury appearance. It’s far better to pursue the opposite.

Minimalism is in. Limit your accessories and furnishings; stick with one particular palette.

Of course, simple doesn’t necessarily mean basic. You can absolutely showcase your artistic flair and personality regardless.

However, having fewer things on show makes it easier to highlight what you do. With less to look at, peoples’ eyes will naturally be drawn to the focal points of the space.

Nicely, the lack of clutter will make it easier to keep the house tidy and organized too.

  1. Update Existing Out-Dated Fixtures

You’d be surprised how important the smaller details can be too.

For instance, an outdated, tacky, and poor-quality door handle will bring down the overall décor of the room. Replacing it costs very little. But it can make an astounding difference to the aesthetic.

Take the same tack in other areas too. Knobs, light switches, bathroom faucets…they’re all examples of fixtures that can be readily and cheaply updated. You’ll love the new feel and level of luxury they provide.

Time to Achieve Luxe Décor

There you have it: the top ways to upgrade your home, and achieve luxe décor, without breaking the bank.

Home improvements are happening all the time across the US.

Billions of dollars are spent every year on renovations, updates, design overhauls, and so on. You can understand why. After all, the appearance of your house says a lot about you and your values.

However, upgrades can feel out of reach when money is tight. But financial constraints don’t have to put an end to your plans. As we’ve seen, sometimes even the smallest changes can make a big difference. And they only cost a few dollars!

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