Headphone sound quality is something we take for granted. Our earbuds are tethered to mobile devices listening to our music libraries, watching Netflix or just having a good old-fashioned phone conversation.

master & DynamicHoliday headphones were at the top of my shopping list for my special someone and when I was invited to test the MH30 Foldable On-Ear Headphones (Retail $299 USD) by Master & Dynamic, I couldn’t refuse. I do not enjoy headphones that rest inside the ear; I prefer over the ear and haven’t been thrilled with my own personal set. Within a few days of placing my order, my package arrived and from opening the box to plugging in, it was an experience.

As it turns out…the headphones are fantastic. Does sound quality really make a difference? Absolutely!

master & DynamicThis luxury product comes beautifully packaged, and accessories are housed in a gorgeous leather case. The headset folds up and the leather is soft and supple. Comfortable enough to sleep if one enjoys a good audiobook before bed. However, wearing them all day might get to be a bit much. Though they are well-built, the weight might be an issue for some users.

If you’re looking for an over-the-top gift for someone who has it all, or one who loves great sound, check out masterdynamic.com. They offer headphones, earphones, accessories and featured wireless speakers. Headphones come in a variety of styles and colors, with prices starting at $299 and going up to $1,000.

I just might keep this gift for myself!

master & DynamicThere were several things that were of concern to me on my quest to find the ideal holiday headset and Master & Dynamic was happy to respond to my questions:

  1. Is there an adapter that fits the iPhone 7 Plus model? Headphone users owning an iPhone 7 Plus can certainly use the adapter that comes standard with new iPhone 7 Plus.  Additionally, adapters are easily available for purchase in-store and online at major national retailers.  Using an adapter will not negatively affect the sound quality.  M&D does not make their own adapters. 
  2. Is there an adapter that fits a USB port? M&D does not sell individual adapters for USB ports.
  3. How complicated is it to use the headphones?
    1. Turn down the volume of your listening device.
    2. Connect the plug from your M&D headphones into the output jack.
    3. Put the headphones over ears.
    4. Slowly raise the volume to a comfortable listening level.
  4. Is this model wireless? The MH30s are not wireless but the headphones are foldable, making them the perfect travel companion. The MW50 On-Ear product line is wireless.

About Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic is a New York-based premium audio brand obsessed with sound and creativity.  Its collection of headphones are tuned to provide a rich warm sound that perfectly captures the exceptional detail of well recorded music. Master & Dynamic sees its headphones as modern thinking caps: tools to help focus, inspire and transport your mind.  Designed for decades of use, Master & Dynamic products are engineered to last, utilizing only the finest materials such as premium leathers and stainless steel, which create the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, comfort and sound.

Happy listening!

master & Dynamic

Thank you to Master & Dynamic for providing the complimentary product for review.