It is holiday time, the time of year that people dedicate to expressing love for their friends and family. And with appreciation time comes gifts of all kinds. Leaving your mark during these times is quite easy. All you have to do is gift someone with a unique present that speaks to their preferences.  But maybe you want to do more than match gifts to interests. Perhaps you want to impress your loved ones. Getting your wife roses dipped in gold would be a sure way to do so. You could also whisk her away on a getaway for two over the holidays. There are many luxurious ways to celebrate your loved one. And if you need some pointers, here are a few:


A Handbag

Here, the reference is not to any bag, but one that will earn you a hearty smile and appreciative eyes. It is a bag that will appeal to anyone, whether they like fashion or not. A bag she can count on whenever she leaves the house. It is not only by her side for storing her items, but also a fashion statement.

Go for something classic, something that she can count on for years on end. As she strolls down the street with a hand casually clinging to the strap, she will feel loved. She will notice the gaze of other people on her, and warmth will fill her. So save up for that bag and earn admiration from your girlfriend, wife, daughter, mum, or another special girl in your life.

A Wallet

Not many men would be open to carrying handbags. But if you know one who would, why not splurge on a bag for him? If he would not appreciate one, a wallet will do. Men like to keep it casual and minimal, and they don’t enjoy being tied down to bags. That’s why even fashionable men will spot bulging phones poking out of their front pockets. They would rather have that than spend the day lagging a bag. And occasionally, they will ask you to hold something for them, knowing you will pop it into your handbag.

Coach wallet luxury gift

The wallet should be classic, leathery, and durable. It should make a statement when he pulls it out of his back pocket. On seeing it, people should get a feel of ‘this man has got this under wraps.’ Yes, this man has what it takes to achieve what he wants. A wallet that gives him confidence in the presence of other men, and one that does not take away his cool points. Or his gangster points, whichever way he points.


luxury gifts

Have you ever looked at a man in formal wear, and you could not help but gaze at him? He probably had on cufflinks as these accessories turn a bland outfit into a head-turning affair. If your man or close male friend is all about looking good in suits, cufflinks are a suitable gift. They add on to an outfit by making it look like he took the time. ‘He must have spent minutes picking his outfit this morning. He must be keen on details.’ Such are the thoughts that will come to people’s minds on seeing him. And appreciative glances all around him will give him that bounce in his walk. When is the last time you saw him strut his stuff and get recognition for it? Maybe now is the time. As is the case with the bags, go neutral when choosing cufflinks. It adds to the flexibility of the look and offers a timeless touch.


A bracelet brings out the beauty of an outfit. It is minimal, and you would think that this would make it unnoticeable, but that is not the case. When paired with an outfit, it makes a woman appear stylish. All she has to do is wear one or matching bracelets on one hand, leaving the other bare. It adds to the attention given to one hand and ensures that she looks like she knows a thing or two about styling. Go with timeless and unique designs that will serve her for years on end.

Finding the perfect gift for your loved one is all about figuring out what will positively impact their life. And their sense of style!

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