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Luxe Beat Magazine December 2015 CoverDECEMBER 2015

TO OUR LOYAL READERS, Thank you for your support and the kind letters that tell us we’ve been doing something right. You have been essential partners in helping us build a magazine that is not only full of stories that are thoughtful, intelligent and fun, but one that is downright beautiful. (We’re not bragging, you keep telling us how beautiful Luxe Beat is!)

We look forward to bringing you more of everything “Luxe” in 2016. And by that we mean stories about meaningful travel that is luxurious; food and wine that are extraordinary; books we like and want to share with you; service pieces that help you plan a trip, a meal, an experience.

Again, we thank you–and ask that you let us know what you enjoy about Luxe Beat and what kind of stories you’d like to see in the future.

Happy Holidays!

NOVEMBER 2015 DINING IN LUXURYLuxe Beat Magazine November 2015 Cover

DINING IN LUXURY is the focus of the November 2015 issue of Luxe Beat Magazine. It’s that time of year that we start to indulge in gastronomic pleasures. We’re tempting the palate with exotic travels to the India’s Coorg for a culinary caper in coffee country.

Our new Wine Editor, Susan Lanier-Graham shares with us the bubbling Domaine Carneros and tells us how to pair our sparkling wines for Thanksgiving. Italian author and food columnist Veronica Lavenia shares some recipes from her book, Panini: The Simple Tastes of Italian Style Bread. Put a Pin in it! columnist Debbie Stone takes us on a stroll, to sip and savor the delights of Carmel-by-the-Sea. This issue is sure to have your mouth watering and it’s calorie free read!

As we reflect upon what we’re all thankful this holiday season, I am thankful for the editorial team I work with here at Luxe Beat Magazine. Thank you to Maralyn D. Hill, Lillian Africano and Benjamin Bennett for all that they do to get Luxe Beat Magazine published each month, and the rest of our crew, contributors and most of all our readers.

Everyone have a safe, happy and luxurious Thanksgiving holiday!

Luxe Beat Magazine Cover October 2015 Sreenath SreenivasanOCTOBER 2015 LUXURY SPIRITS

LUXURY SPIRITS is the focus of the October 2015 issue of Luxe Beat Magazine. As we move into autumn we’re changing clocks, pulling out our all wardrobes and our taste-buds crave rustic flavors.

We have two exclusive stories in this issue. Lillian Africano interviews America’s tech guru Sree Sreenivasan, who is seen on the cover. Our other exclusive is written by Kimberly Fisher, in her interview with “Cigar Czar” Richard Carleton Hacker.

Around the world we go as our writers take us from Asheville, NC to Nairobi. Debi Landers uncovers Asheville’s Hidden Gems, Devanshi Mody share with us Hemingway’s secrets in, Hemingways Naughty Nairobi, and enjoy High Tea and Original Frescoes by Karen Catchpole.

If you’re looking for a delectable autumn cocktail to keep you warm as the leaves drift down from the trees, Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc. has shared with us three cocktails that includes a splash of their top-of-the-line vanilla. (Mulled Whiskey Cider, Apple Pie Vanilla Syrup, and Apple Pie Martini.).

Don’t forget to support charities and retailers that support Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Always live your life in luxury.


Luxe Beat Magazine MAY 2015 CoverMAY 2015 FUTURISTIC LUXURY

FUTURISTIC LUXURY is the focus of the May 2015 edition of Luxe Beat Magazine and there are so many interesting articles in this issue, readers may not know where to start!

When I think about luxury products of the future, cars are the first thing that comes to my mind. Driving in the fastlane is best when you’re in a luxury vehicle. Debi Lander’s bonds with her daughter on a getaway weekend to Disney’s speedway and shares with us the details of her escape. If you’re looking for a racing experience that is a bit closer to home, why not check out the Motion Pro II Race Car Simulator. An in-home luxury racing experience that will have you ready for the Indy 500 in no time.

For our epicurean explorers, we have an incredible chef interview with Executive Chef Timothy Connan Keller, covered by the official Epicurean Explorer, our Executive Editor, Marlayn D. Hill. He shares with us a futuristic recipe, Sakuramaki, Cherry Blossom and chevre, and his technique on solidifying a liquid will have your dinner guests amazed.

Luxe Beat Magazine April 2015 Cover Linda KozlowskiAPRIL 2015 ADVENTUROUS LUXURY

ADVENTUROUS LUXURY is the focus of the April 2015 issue of Luxe Beat Magazine. When we were planning for this issue, I had no idea how much fun it would be to pull it all together. There is so much discover. For the adventurous traveler there is no shortage of luxury experiences to satisfy those looking to Heed the Call of the Wild in the Yukon, Kite Surf in Ani Villas, or uncover the exotic mysterious of Marrakesh.

A special thank you to actress and adventurer, Linda Kozlowski, for sharing her real-life Hollywood to Morocco story with us, and doesn’t she look incredible on the cover!


March 2015 Luxe Beat Magazine CoverMARCH 2015 RELIABLE LUXURY

RELIABLE LUXURY is the focus of our March 2015 edition. Spring is just around the corner and this month we’re taking a look at luxury from a practical, must-have point of view.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an interview with Executive Chef Kerry Heffernan, spring into luxury in Amsterdam, or discover all that 24 Karat gold really has to offer.

Let luxury always be yours.



Luxe Beat Magazine February 2015 COVERFEBRUARY 2015 LUXURY ESCAPE

LUXURY ESCAPE is the focus of this February 2015 edition of Luxe Beat Magazine. We are also celebrating our year anniversary! Luxe Beat Magazine released its first issue in February of 2014. We launched the brand in November 2013 at the International Emmy’s and in just over a year, we have come a long way.

In this issue escape to Paris and discover the gem that is Bessé Signature with luxury boutique hotelier Anne Jousse in a piece by Leah Walker.  Janice Nieder highlights the Perfect Paris Weekend Getaway for First-timers.

When in Poland, spelunking in the Wieliczka Salt Mines is a must and Maralyn D. Hill explores the art treasures in this unique cave escape. If you’re looking for something in a warmer climate you’ll enjoy Devanshi Mody’s article Camp Jabulani Romantic South African Safari.

Speaking of romance, we haven’t forgotten about all of the Valentine’s out there.  For your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, get a taste of what Homemade Confections A-List Candy Queen Judith Galindo has to offer, or mix-up a special cocktail with our Valentine’s Day cocktail recipes.

There is so much to uncover in our Luxury Escape issue, whatever your pleasure be sure your escape is luxurious.


January 2015 Luxe Beat Magazine CoverJANUARY 2015 ARTISTIC LUXURY

ARTISTIC LUXURY is the focus of our January 2015 edition of Luxe Beat Magazine. To celebrate the New Year,we are taking a moment to showcase art on a variety of levels. Art can be found in every aspect of life, not only in museums but in the places we live, destinations we visit, and food that we eat.

For our readers who love to travel, soak in the rugged and majestic landscape of Switzerland in Leah Walker’s article, Luxury Meets the Mountains in St. Moritz, Switzerland. You’ll be longing for the slopes!

If you’re longing for a warmer climate, perhaps our new column Put a Pin it It! will keep you warm with Mrs. Conda or escape to the picturesque Molori Safari Lodge Spa.

Get a taste of Bocuse d’or and the artistry that is food in Maralyn’s piece, The Art of Food. We will be attending the 2015 event in Lyon, France in late January, and will be highlighting the best the culinary world has to offer in upcoming issues.

Celebrate in style with cocktail recipes from Matcha’s Revamped Martini that have recipes readers can try with a revolutionary new ingredient.

Art lovers will not be disappointed as we cover everything from clay to bronze and explore the timeless of fine art. We continue our artistic exploration with Linda Cordair, one of our resident art professionals. She provides a fabulous commentary on art in this modern time.

Our cover features Joe Noonan, founder of Homespun Design. He combines classic techniques of the past with modern technology of today, to bring distinctive home décor to the masses. Discover the art of American made furniture.

Happy New Year and best wishes for a luxurious 2015!