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LUXURY SPIRITS is the focus of the October 2015 issue of Luxe Beat Magazine. As we move into autumn we’re changing clocks, pulling Luxe Beat Magazine Cover October 2015 Sreenath Sreenivasanout our all wardrobes and our taste-buds crave rustic flavors.

We have two exclusive stories in this issue. Lillian Africano interviews America’s tech guru Sree Sreenivasan, who is seen on the cover. Our other exclusive is written by Kimberly Fisher, in her interview with “Cigar Czar” Richard Carleton Hacker.

Around the world we go as our writers take us from Asheville, NC to Nairobi. Debi Landers uncovers Asheville’s Hidden Gems, Devanshi Mody share with us Hemingway’s secrets in, Hemingways Naughty Nairobi, and enjoy High Tea and Original Frescoes by Karen Catchpole.

If you’re looking for a delectable autumn cocktail to keep you warm as the leaves drift down from the trees, Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc. has shared with us three cocktails that includes a splash of their top-of-the-line vanilla. (Mulled Whiskey Cider, Apple Pie Vanilla Syrup, and Apple Pie Martini.).

Don’t forget to support charities and retailers that support Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Always live your life in luxury.

Sherrie Wilkolaski