With cocktail culture booming in the United States, there is certainly no shortage of speakeasies and high-end mixology bars in New York City. Some of the best ones have in common a revolutionary new un-aged whiskey called Manhattan Moonshine, which is rapidly emerging as a number one choice for the discerning drinkers of New York. Inspired by the cocktail renaissance that occurred during American Prohibition and the glamorous yet subversive nightlife that accompanied it, Manhattan Moonshine is the world’s first luxury un-aged whiskey and has been developed to be the perfect whiskey for cocktails.
Manhattan Moonshine

Manhattan Moonshine

The Manhattan Moonshine Company, LLC was established in 2013 by William Kehler, with the goal to create the greatest un-aged whiskey ever made. Further, he wanted to use it to establish un-aged whiskey as a legitimate expression of whiskey that is competitive with aged-whiskey in flavor, quality and class. With a unique grain bill featuring a combination of oats, rye, spelt (an ancestral form of wheat) and malted barley and a unique production process, Manhattan Moonshine is able to deliver a smooth, grain-forward, whiskey flavor that no other un-aged whiskey is able to replicate. Kehler is a New York City native and whiskey enthusiast who is fascinated by the Prohibition era, art deco design and the Jazz Age.  Kehler collaborated for over a year with whiskey expert, Ian Smiley, to create his unique formulation.
Using this innovative whiskey, you can create unique cocktails at home with the following recipes:

Moonshine GImlet


Charleston Bramble


Bix Bismark

Bessie Smash