It’s hard to believe, but summer is almost here, and that means days spent by the pool, barbecues every weekend, and a variety of fun holidays on the horizon. With the weather changing and a bevy of social events on the calendar, it’s time to start your summer sprucing in—where else—the wardrobe. From footwear to outerwear, this list has all the fashion essentials you need to stand out in the crowd this summer.

Denim Options


Get rough and tumble with your jeans this summer, because distressed denim is back in the game. Think cuts, scrapes, and patterned distressing. Most denim companies are offering these “lived-in” options, but if you find a pair of jeans that fits perfectly and you still want the look, DIY-ing a distressed jean is easier than it might sound—and probably a lot cheaper than the manufactured distress options would be. Use some sandpaper and scrub away, cut horizontal slices with a pair of scissors, and one-by-one, tweeze the frayed edges until you achieve the desired look.

A Green Palette

Move away from the neutrals and step into the green. Going green doesn’t mean getting a basic green t-shirt and calling it a day. This summer, you’ll see fashion-forward fellas mixing and matching varying hues of this color. Beyond the normal office suit and tie, you can utilize this surprisingly elegant color to your advantage in almost every facet of your wardrobe. Incorporate green with another trend picking up steam—the classic bomber jacket. Easily dressed up or down, throwing on one of these bad boys immediately spiffs up any outfit.

Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes

Essential Accessories

Gone are the days when men couldn’t proudly proclaim their obsession for accessories. Half the battle in looking polished is finding the right accessories to set off the entire look and combine random pieces into a cohesive style. There are plenty of ways to add a little excitement to your wardrobe; even your technology accessories could use a sprucing, whether it’s iPhone 6 cases from or stylish Onyko headphones, pay attention to every last piece you have on your body this summer to really make a

Spring is wrapping up and summer is already rearing its head with blazing sunshine and fun summertime plans looming. Make sure your wardrobe is prepared for the season change by snatching up these essential guy’s style pieces for 2016 and make sure you look coiffed on that office sailing trip or Memorial Day brunch.