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Netherlands Fashion Photographer Herman Chow

Netherlands Fashion Photographer Herman Chow

Herman Chow is a highly successful and innovative fashion photographer based in The Netherlands. He was 25 years old when he acquired his first camera. He began taking pictures, and hasn’t stopped since! When asked if he could sum up his life in one line, Herman said, he’d die of embarrassment. We know the feeling! After years of working within the fashion industry, he emphatically says: “I think every woman should have access to a photographer. I cannot believe how exclusive we are. In fact, I want to break that and make my services available to all women because they deserve to have the most beautiful portraits of themselves. Let’s face it, is there anything better than seeing my client smile while seeing how beautiful her photos turn out to be? The joy and emotion I see in my client’s face sums everything up.”

Audrey Headpiece by Designer Gary Symor, Photo by Herman Chow

Audrey Headpiece by Designer Gary Symor, Photo by Herman Chow

Herman is inspired as a photographer by images he sees in fashion magazines, and he enjoys having the opportunity to work with talented people (MUA’s, Stylists, Hairstylists, Models, and Designers) in the fashion photography industry. Herman said, “The connection between a model and a camera is what makes a great photograph stand out above the rest. The model needs to show emotion through their eyes to make that connection.”

Herman uses a Canon 5D, Mark III camera, and his favorite lens is a Canon 70-200 zoom lens, 50mm Prime Lens. When asked about his opinion on black and white vs. color photography, Herman stated, “I love monochrome because of its drama.”

Recently Herman worked with fashion designer Gary Symor on a photo shoot for Symor’s newest collection: Floating Attraction. When speaking about their experience collaborating on the shoot, Herman said, “Gary was easygoing, and fun to work with.” Herman’s work has been published in several International fashion magazines, including Vogue, Solis, Elegant, Dark Beauty, and Jute Fashion.

Herman Chow – Image courtesy of Herman Chow

Herman Chow – Image courtesy of Herman Chow

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