As a child, my grandmother used a cast-iron skillet, as her mother had before her. A decade ago, I gave my 12-inch antique skillet to my daughter, who still uses it. Cast iron skillets have stood the test of time. I have a small 6” skillet I use for baking cornbread. Numerous times, I’ve considered purchasing another cast-iron skillet, but I knew I really did not need one.

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Much to my delight and surprise, I was asked to review a 12” FINEX® Cast Iron Skillet. I was quite excited by this opportunity, as they had told me it would be similar but very different. Really, cast iron is cast iron. I was wrong.

I’m enamored with my FINEX® Cast iron Skillet. It is a re-invention of a time-honored classic, familiar in many homes for over several centuries. The skillet FINEX® has a patented octagonal shape, so you can pour from any direction. Weighing 7.9 pounds, it is heavy. The skillet has a “Good Forever,” warranty and retails for $195.

What I really like is its quick-cooling polished stainless steel spring handles. The heat dissipates rapidly and would be comfortable for almost any hand. The FINEX® cooking surface has an easy release and it comes pre-seasoned with Organic Flaxseed Oil, with directions how to re-season it, if necessary. So far, I’ve used my skillet for sautéing and baking.finex-usa--press-resource--skillet--bottom-view--large

“Founded in 2012, FINEX® Cast Iron Cookware Company is a small team of Portland-based perfectionists, dedicated to making heirloom quality cast iron cookware in America for the first time in well over half a century.”


FINEX® raised money to finance this endeavor through a Kickstarter campaign and are currently running another campaign to enable them to offer an 8” FINEX® cast iron skillet. I’m sure it will be successful, as the skillet is a great product.

It’s quite nice to have the opportunity to see a time honored classic, re-engineered

and improved. I highly endorse the FINEX® Cast Iron Skillet.

To learn more about FINEX® go to FINEXUSA.COM.

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