You’ve been dreaming about a vacation overseas for months. While you’ve been busy planning where to go and how to get there, you have other steps to take before boarding a plane. Read on for tips to help your 2020 vacation get off to a great start.

Renew Your Passport


Your passport may last for 10 years, but your passport should remain current for six months past your international vacay. If not, your vacation plans could pay the price.

In Europe, you need to have a valid passport date six months after your trip; the same goes for New Zealand and Thailand. While not every country follows the six-month validity rule, if you visit one that does, it’s best to prepare for it ahead of time. The last thing you want is to be denied entry.

The time is now. Passports take weeks, if not months, to renew. In fact, it can take up to eight weeks to receive a new passport. If you neglected to renew your passport, and time is running out, you may be able to make it a rush order. But, you will pay the price with increased fees.

Check the State Department to find the requirements for your vacation destination. You’ll need time to gather the documents you need and to begin the renewal process.

Consider Travel Insurance

You insure your car, your home, your boat, your motorcycle and your health. Why wouldn’t you spring for insurance to protect your vacation?

While you can opt for basic travel insurance, it’s purpose is to help you recoup your losses for minor things. For example, if you missed a connection due to a delayed flight or if your luggage didn’t make the right plane.

Cancelled or delayed trips? Sickness or injury? This insurance can help cover those costs as well. Your traditional health insurance policy likely won’t pay for medical care on your international vacation.

Some credit card companies offer travel insurance as a bonus perk, so check to see if you’re covered before you select a policy.

Protect Your Financial and Personal Data

Gushing about your upcoming vacation on social networks might be tempting, but you should save it until you’re back home again. You don’t want thieves to know you’ll be gone.

If you can’t resist sharing images while on your trip, only use password-protected WiFi. Public WiFi and anywhere you aren’t using a VPN makes it easier for thieves to snag your personal data.

For peace of mind while traveling, a protection plan from Norton with LifeLock will help keep tabs on your activity so you don’t have to. Real-time threat protection, credit monitoring and a no-log VPN serve to cover you while on the go. With their identity alert system, if your personal details like your social security, birth date or address are discovered online, you’ll receive a notification.

Bon Voyage

Deciding where to eat and what to do is the fun part of vacation planning. Getting (or renewing) a passport and putting your personal information on lock-down may not make the Instagram highlights reel, but it’s definitely important.

Plan ahead now so you can enjoy your vacation abroad without any worries.

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