When you think Texas, do you think cookies? Or how about Washington, does fried chicken come to mind? It turns out the states of America are quickly learning the recipes of foods you wouldn’t normally associate them with.

Google Trends provides this unique insight into our internet browsing habits. By searching a specific word or term (in this case “recipe”), we discovered the most popular recipe per US state.

We’ve produced a map that hones in on what people were googling to get making in the kitchen. Do they reflect true to what you’ve attempted to cook in the past year?

Perhaps they reveal the latest food trends. Maybe Oprah revealed her biggest food love and we desperately searched how to cook it.

Or is it just down to what people want for dinner?

We may never know, but when you’re next looking for your next food fix give this map a glance. You may find you want to eat like your neighboring state.

most popular recipes by state from Google Trends

Most popular recipes by state

Maine Zucchini
New Hampshire Lasagna
Massachusetts Turkey
Rhode Island Chili
Connecticut Chocolate Cake
New York Meatloaf
New Jersey Chicken Breast
Pennsylvania Chicken Soup
Delaware Chocolate Chip Cookie
Maryland Cheesecake
Virginia Chicken Parmesan
North Carolina Sweet Potato
South Carolina Dressing
Georgia Cake
Florida Chili
Alabama Gravy
Tennessee Taco
Kentucky Spaghetti
West Virginia Cheesecake
Ohio Guacamole
Michigan Gravy
Indiana Taco
Mississippi Cornbread
Wisconsin Caramel
Illinois Cookie
Minnesota Shortcake
Iowa Frosting
Missouri Smoothie
Arkansas Pancake
Louisiana Jambalaya
Texas Cookies
Oklahoma Salsa
Kansas Banana Bread
Nebraska Apple Pie
South Dakota Prime Rib
North Dakota Apple Crisp
Montana Pie Crust
Wyoming Coleslaw
Colorado Salmon
New Mexico Banana Bread
Arizona Frosting
Utah Stew
Idaho Zucchini
Washington Fried Chicken
Oregon Cake
Nevada Banana Bread
California Bread
Alaska Coleslaw Dressing
Hawaii Mochi
Vermont Soup