If you’re tired of pumpkin beer or pumpkin spice coffee this fall, shake things up! Despite “pumpkin spice fatigue”, Google Trends data from August 2015 shows that the people are searching for, and craving, the fall flavor as much as ever and this year. One example is Traveler Beer Co’s Jack-O, made with real pumpkin, which was the third  highest selling craft pumpkin beer in the nation last year despite only being available in select markets. It¹s just become available nation-wide for the first time in 2015. Try out one or more of the recipes below to cure your pumpkin spice fatigue!

Pie’d Pumpkin

Fill an 8-10oz glass with ice.

Add 1oz whiskey and 1oz spiced fruit whiskey liquor (such as Southern Comfort).

Top with Jack-O Traveler (or other Pumpkin Beer), stir, then grate fresh cinnamon over the top.

Garnish with a cherry and an orange slice.

Jack and the Bean Shot

Pour 1.5 ox vanilla vodka into a pint glass filled with ice.

Fill to top with Jack-O Traveler and stir.

Apple Jack-O

Fill an 8-10oz glass with ice.

Add 1oz apple brandy, .75oz hazelnut liqueur, and top with Jack-O Traveler.

Stir, then garnish with lemon wedge.

The Rum-kin Pumpkin

Fill a shaker glass halfway with ice.

Add 1oz spiced rum, 1oz hazelnut liqueur, and 1.5oz orange juice.

Shake and strain into 8-10oz glass filled with ice.

Top with Jack-O Traveler and garnish with a lime.

Feature image courtesy of http://www.personalcreations.com/.

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