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REVIEW: These 2 Probiotics Will Provide You With a Different Approach to Holiday Health

REVIEW: These 2 Probiotics Will Provide You With a Different Approach to Holiday Health

We see it every holiday season; an overabundance of well-meaning articles with advice on “staying healthy,” “maintaining your weight and diet through the holidays,” or “how to guilt-trip anyone who enjoys a friggin’ sugar cookie,” etc.

Despite the obvious perpetuation of a toxic diet culture, the information is frankly white noise without any scientific explanation. Granted, it’s not difficult to seek out the fundamental understanding of how weight loss works (calories burned must be greater than calories consumed), but how does that help when the human body is not in and of itself a vacuum?

Yes, eventually limiting caloric intake to a point lower than our energy expenditure will show itself to be a trend working in favor of weight loss. But we are a society of instant gratification, results must be timely for motivation to be maintained, until motivation becomes habit. 

An easy step in the habit-forming direction is probiotics. We’ve been hearing the buzz word for ages it feels like, with little more understanding than Jamie Lee Curtis seems to swear by it, and it’s found in yogurt.

A little of my own research pointed me in the direction of two companies taking probiotics to the next level:

SHINYALab, which began under the guidance of notable surgeon and inventor of the electrosurgical polypectomy snare, Dr. Hiromi Shinya; and Routine, whose website addresses the scientific backing of their product, with referenced articles for the scientific-minded like myself.


Photo Courtesy of SHINYALab

SHINYALab’s offerings for “fermented microbiome support:” Vital Enzymes, Binchōtan Cleanse, Intestinal Youth, and Probiogenic are designed to work cohesively, as well as individually.

Notably, Intestinal Youth’s main ingredient – N-acetylglucosamine – has been preliminarily shown to aid in reducing formation of E.Coli strains associated with inflammatory bowel disease, and Crohn’s. 

Using what is known as “Nippon wisdom – the ancient practice of deriving enzymes from fermentation,” Intestinal Youth’s Saisei blend also includes seaweed, pre-and probiotics, lotus root, ginger and okra. 


Recognizing that women’s health extends beyond the digestive system, Routine’s probiotic supplements include tried-and-true strains for gut health, weight management, immune response, and vaginal health. Its chosen blend of five different probiotic bacteria is based upon clinical studies of each ingredient, along with the inclusion of ashwagandha root to help with the havoc stress and anxiety can wreak on the stomach. The root has has been used for over 3,000 years to relieve stress, increase energy levels, and improve concentration

Photo Courtesy of Routine

The packaging is thoughtfully designed as well, with the first shipment arriving in a recycled cardboard box filled with a month’s supply of the capsules in a compostable pouch, and an empty, reusable glass jar.

From there, users can subscribe to have the probiotics shipped to them monthly, with the flexibility of skipping a month or cancelling any time. 

This holiday season, instead of focusing on our weight as the primary indicator of health, we focus on how we feel, inside and out. 2020 has been hard enough on us, let’s not be too hard on ourselves.

Happy Holidays!


Feature Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

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