Why Signature Sandwiches Are So Popular?
They are convenient; you can include all food groups, and savor the taste– fast, good, slow food.

Point of interest: They were originally named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich (1718-92). It was said that the Earl ate sandwiches so he would not have to leave the gambling tables to eat.

Signature Sandwich with whole bread, bacon, gratinated goat cheese and apples

The Why… 

Did you know Europeans eat sandwiches with a fork and knife? This sandwich can also be eaten like salad, tapas or simply bites.

Balance of flavors is the key: Salty bacon, sour goat cheese, sweet apples (Golden Delicious), and spicy basil dressing.

Combination of textures is also important: Crispy bacon, melted cheese, crunchy apples and cucumber.

Sandwiches take on so many forms. Often, people think of a product between two slices of bread. For years, they have been served in all different forms from open-faced, finger sandwiches, sandwich loaves, or an all American hamburger.

Like everything we eat, presentation makes a difference, and making your sandwich appealing to the eye is more appealing to the recipient.

The How…

Serves: 4 persons


Whole bread 4

Bacon 4 slices

Apple Golden Delicious 2

Goat cheese 200 grams


Cucumber 1

Tomatoes 4

Lime juice 2

Extra virgin olive oil 4 soup spoon

Tabasco few drops

Basil 1 bunch


  1. In a hot oven, dry the bacon between 2 baking sheets, until brown.
  2. Cut the cucumber in strips and also cubes.
  3. Cut the tomatoes in cubes (both vegetables without seeds). Season with salt, lime juice, olive oil, Tabasco and basil.
  4. Cut the bread, add the goat cheese and gratinate.
  5. Decorate the sandwich according to the picture. Slice the apple at the very end.


Rosé wine would be nice, like white Zinfandel from Beranger in Napa Valley, or a Provence Rosé wine.

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