Luxuries don’t necessarily have big price tags; they simply need to make life more comfortable or more pleasurable. Flowers always make me feel good, whatever the season, and flowers from the supermarket don’t cost much and are a true luxury–so I make sure to have flowers in my apartment year.

Luxuries for Fall

Arcopedico is one of favorite footwear brands. I love their vegan booties in winter and now I’m practically living in their Lolita shoe, which suggests a “dressed up” look without sacrificing sold comfort.

Luxuries for Fall

For maximum comfort, it’s Arcopedico’s Sec V, which is like a combination sock and shoe. Since I like walking around my apartment barefoot or in socks, which my podiatrist says is not a smart thing to do, the Sec V is the perfect alternative—because it has Arcopedio’s patented twin arch support system that distributes body weight over the entire plantar surface. This avoids some of foot problems that can develop when you do a lot of walking barefoot–like plantar fasciitis.

The shoe has a non-binding upper, so toes don’t get pinched; the design makes it easy to slip on and off; the nylon knit upper promotes healthy circulation—and the Sec V weighs only 7 ounces, which makes it perfect for travel.

Luxuries for Fall

My Cambiami flip-flop is nothing like the cheap versions sold in drug and dollar stores. The classic silhouette of his new premium flip-flop line has been redesigned and elevated, with a flexible footbed to contour the foot with each step–and extra padding and flexible straps especially made for all day comfort.

The collection includes nine styles in various colors and textures, each retailing for $38 a pair.

Diane Licht, Founder of Cambiami had this to say about the line: “It is a line that speaks to those that are on the go, and appreciate a style that is chic and effortless.” She’s right.

Luxuries for Fall

Electrical outlets are few and far between in my apartment, so for me, the ChargeHub HomeBase Power Bank Docking Station is a luxury that keeps on giving every day.

The Docking Station charges 4 power banks—and one additional device can use the USB Charging Port. Each power bank has a durable aluminum case and is color-coordinated with a metallic-finish for easy identification. The powerful 4000 mAh battery capacity can keep my devices charged throughout the day. There is a storage drawer where I can keep my cables and avoid the jumbled mess of wires I used to have. A mini LED flashlight helps me find stuff in the dark. $59.99 MINI LED FLASHLIGHT for Fall

The kid in me still loves getting surprises, so I’m always checking out the various subscription services, which send you a different package every month.  And since I’m a fan of so many Korean beauty products, I had to try the JoahBox program, where a subscription costs $35.95 for a single month or $35.31 each for three months. Shipping is free—and you get a free box with the 12-month option. Each box holds 5 to 7 beauty products from Korea—and these are full size, not tiny, with a total value of up to $100.

A recent box included a lipstick, collagen ampoule, aloe vera soothing gel, mascara and a sheet mask.

Luxuries for Fall

Another special find was the Skin Actives Double Action Hair Serum. According to the promotional material, the product was formulated to help with thinning and gray hair, but I have found that it simply makes the hair look thicker and healthier. The instructions suggest it be applied at night to damp hair and then rinse or cleanse in the morning. I found this inconvenient and reversed the process, applying the product in the morning on days when I’m working in my home office, then rinsing it out late in the afternoon. I found that it does make hair look healthier and thicker—and since the serum  is oil-based, I just use a small amount each time.

Luxuries for Fall

As I travel a lot, I’m always ready to try products that make the process of getting from one place to another easier or more pleasant. In this day of security issues the KeySmart Urban Slim wallets are no-brainers. All the models feature RFID protection and have built-in Tile tracker. There are three models in the collection; my choice is the Passport, which has an easy-access passport pocket, a cash pocket, 6 card slots, 3 Sim card pockets (plus a Sim tool pocket (the tool is included), a pen pocket (the pen is included) and Tile Slim Pocket. In short, this one wallet holds so many of the things I will (or might) need on a trip. And the wallet is rugged; it’s made Tectuff leather that should last for many years to come.

There are two other smaller models, the slim and the bifold.


Luxuries for Fall

I own a lot of suitcases and travel bags. That’s because I try to be a careful and economical packer, taking what I know I will need on a particular trip and not much more.  That means I use carry-on bags for any brief trips. Which brings me to the bags offered by Solo New York, which has a new collection off travel bags called the Downtown Travel Collection. It includes three new duffels, a backpack and an accessory kit.

Solo created the line in collaboration with professional skateboarder Dave Bachinsky, founder of ShapeThree, a project that uses recycled skateboard decks to create handmade designs. Bachinsky crafted two custom ShapeThree handles for the Travel Collection roller duffels, and with them he traveled throughout London for a skate competition

My bag of choice is the Solo rolling overnighter, which has a padded laptop compartment, a tablet pocket, an organizer section, a file compartment—and yes, a section for clothes. Two features I especially like: the full-size front zip down organizer section and the padded carry handle.

When I fly, I travel Coach Class, as Business is way out of reach. So my choice of travel wear is simple and comfortable: yoga pants and a jacket, with a soft T-shirt underneath. Under the T-shirt is more comfort: my wire-free Montell’s t-shirt bra, which is made with ultra-soft microfiber, double-layer side wings and integrated straps that make this undergarment feel almost-barely-there.

The secret to this undergarment’s fit and comfort is the company’s all-female expert team, who all get involved in wearing, testing and washing their products—to make sure they will be supportive and comfortable. Makes perfect sense to me.

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