Sparkling ICE® is recognized as the fastest growing non-alcoholic beverage brand. First created in the Pacific Northwest in the early 1990’s, Sparkling ICE® beverages make a great tasting, refreshing, zero-calorie beverage Perfectly Possible. Sparkling ICE flavored sparkling waters combine naturally flavored sparkling water, vitamins, antioxidants and natural fruit juices to offer a bold, lightly carbonated beverage.

As if this weren’t great enough, SPARKLING ICE believes in helping a worthy cause. They display a pink ribbon on their Pink Grapefruit bottle, every day of the year. SPARKLING ICE also donates $25,000 to various research facilities nationwide in support of finding a cure. Using the Pink Grapefruit Sparkling water, they have created a specialty cocktail, “Sip Pink for the Cure” (recipe below), to provide a delicious way for consumers to join the cause.

Sip for the Cure Cocktail

Sip for the Cure Cocktail

SPARKLING ICE Sip Pink for the Cure Cocktail


  • 3 oz.  Grapefruit Sparkling ICE
  • 1 ½ oz.  vodka
  • 1 oz. lime juice
  • Lime wedge
  • Sliced fresh jalapeño
  • Chili salt for rim of glass (Kosher salt mixed with chili powder)


  1. Use a lime wedge to rub the entire rim of a chilled martini glass, and dip into chili salt mixture. 
  2. Combine vodka and jalapeno slices with ice in a shaker.
  3. Strain and pour into the chilled martini glass.
  4. Top with Grapefruit Sparkling ICE. 
  5. Garnish with a few Jalapeno slice.

Enjoy one of this distinctive concoctions today and join the fight against breast cancer.