When we think of traveling by private jet, we often associate it with being incredibly wealthy. However, with a little bit of planning and research, flying private can be a luxury enjoyed by those of us who do not own celebrity status.

Renting a private jet can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many, and is an excellent option for groups and individuals. From booking an extravagant bachelorette party to celebrating a graduation with family, traveling by private jet can be a great way to boost the event.

How to Rent a Private Jet

The key to ensuring flying private is within your budget is to consider leaving from smaller, regional airports. Where you depart for your flight plays the most prominent role in the cost, and flying from a large airport such as LAX or ATL could drastically increase what you pay.

Pilots also need to pay a fee to leave and enter an airport. The more stops your pilot makes, including leaving from where their plane is based to get to you, can hike up the total price of your trip. By choosing a smaller airport that already houses these planes, you could reduce your rate by $2,000-3,000.

Below are some additional steps on renting a private jet so you can travel in style!


Find the Best Rates

Unless you are lucky enough for money not to be an issue, you want to research private jet rates for your trip to ensure you’re getting the best value. Many companies charge for a minimum two-hour flight, so a 30-minute trip from NYC to the Hamptons would be an unnecessary expense. However, a 3-hour trip from NYC to Miami would be around 10K one way on a jet that fits up to eight people. That’s only $1,250 per person to travel.

Round trip costs for larger jets can get into the 30k+ range, depending on the trip. One way to save costs is to search for “empty leg” flights. These are flights where a pilot is leaving your location to pick someone else up at your destination. Rather than just paying the fee to travel by themselves, many pilots will offer a discount for a one-way flight to make some extra money while in transit.

Conduct Your Research

Many companies act as brokers that then connect you with pilots. You want to use the company’s knowledge to your advantage to determine where planes are parked to get the best deal for your trip. Make sure to ask about all of the available aircraft in your area, even if it’s an airport you wouldn’t usually fly out from.


Working with private jet companies is a great way to gather all of the information you need. Websites can sometimes only provide you with so much information. By speaking with a person on the phone, you can get exact quotes and essential information about the jet you will be flying on.

One important thing you should do when working with these companies is to check their safety record. Your life is in the hands of the pilot, so you want to ensure they are certified by firms such as ARGUS. These 3rd-party firms ensure private jet companies and their pilots adhere to strict safety standards.

Confirm Your Flight

Once you have found the perfect private flight for your needs, book the flight online or directly through the broker you worked with. Then you can sit back and relax until it is time for your trip!

One of the biggest reasons why people prefer to book private, when possible, is avoiding the long waits and high-stress of commercial flights. Many airports have entirely separate areas for those flying privately, so you can avoid all of the traffic and lines. Your plane will also not leave until you arrive, so you won’t have to worry about missing your flight.

You will also not have to worry about going through the extensive security process upon arrival. After booking your flight, the names of you and other passengers are sent to the TSA for a background check. Once you arrive, a guard will check your ID, and you will be on your way. No separating liquids, taking off your shoes, or completely harmless items setting off the scanner.

Enjoy the Ride

The best part about flying on a private jet is enjoying all of the amenities available to you. Not only is there much more space for you and your guests, but the food and drink choices tend to be better than most commercial flights. Though smaller planes may only have snacks and drinks available, larger jets can accommodate a full kitchen and bar.

Private jets also fly at a higher altitude than commercial planes so that you will experience a much smoother ride overall. Even smaller jets will have much less turbulence due to the higher altitude.

Whether you are flying by yourself, your girlfriends, or extended family, a private jet can help kick off a spectacular vacation in style.