I love filling Christmas Stockings with little gifts that I would appreciate. So this year, I stuffed stockings with things I wished Santa would give me. For example, who wouldn’t love a pair of Pudus slipper socks? They are available for men and women, have an extra- plush faux fur lining and non-slip grippers for safety. Unisex Regular size (Women’s 5-11 ; Men’s 6-10)

For my “clean-living” friends, it was the Zion’s Health’s ClayDry Deodorant. It’s aluminum-free and vegan, using essential oils and ionic clay minerals to maintain freshness. The deodorant comes in scented and unscented varieties.

Almost every Christmas, and this year as well, I slipped a Dr. Plotka’s Toothbrush into one or two stockings. After all, everyone needs a new toothbrush at some point, and this one has Naturally Antimicrobial* Bristles that are infused with EPA-approved silver, which naturally eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that grow on the bristles within six hours.

Lipstick Queen had some fun lipsticks for the holidays. Frog Prince is green—which turns into a pretty pink. That went into the stocking of a fashionista. (There were lots of “normal” shades and glosses—plus some good-value gift sets.) www.ulta.com

ILIA’s Lip Service Trio helps to keep lips soft and smooth during harsh winter weather. So that went into my own stocking as well as that of a friend. The set includes Balmy Nights Lip Exfoliator, Balmy Days Lip Conditioner and Tinted Lip Conditioner in Arabian Knights (which gives just a hint of color). It comes in an attractive 9” reusable travel bag. www.iliabeauty.com

For my frequent traveler friends, I gave a product that protects and treats skin from the dry air on planes and the various environmental factors that can also have adverse effects. It’s called FACTORFIVE, and it’s the result of the work done by Stanford scientists who discovered a way to extract growth factors and cytokines from adult human stem cells harvested from fat to restore skin’s ability to heal itself and look younger. FACTORFIVE skincare, which includes a regenerative serum and an anti-aging  cream, uses the body’s own building blocks to restore skin on the cellular level and reduce signs of aging. It works by promoting an increase in collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and other beneficial skin proteins that can help heal dryness and other skin issues. https://factorfiveskin.com/

Everyone I know wanted to try CBD products, so I slipped various items into a number of stockings. CBDistillery Gummies come in both AM and PM versions. The Nighttime gummies combine the calming properties of melatonin with 30mg of CBD to create the perfect nighttime gummy. The daytime gummies are an easy way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine with 30mg per gummy in each fruity little bear.

Koi also makes a line of products, including gummies, which have a tropical fruit flavor combined with full-spectrum hemp extract containing naturally-occurring CBD. Their lavender lotion, which combines 200 mg of all-natural CBD with organic aloe, organic coconut, and natural extracts.

For relatives who liked their phone cases to make a statement, a Casely phone case subscription was a no-brainer. This Casely company was founded a couple of years ago in response to a trend in which fashionistas would buy phone cases built with military-grade protection to match their outfits. Since this trend is only sustainable with affordable phone cases, the company offers a subscription box service. With most cases starting at $15, Casely offers 143 styles for subscribers to choose from. https://www.getcasely.com/collections/subscription-box

Have you ever heard of teeth-whitening makeup? I hadn’t until recently, but this year I stuffed one stocking with HaloSmile, an immediate, peroxide-free, vegan, at-home and temporary (just for the day) temporary “makeup” for teeth. It’s brushed on, like nail polish, it’s light, tasteless and doesn’t alter the enamel in any way. It simply forms a temporary whiter coating that can be used for any special occasion.