Growing up in Buffalo, New York good food is everywhere. Buffalo wings from Anchor Bar or Duff’s, a sub from John and Mary’s, or Beef on Weck from just about any local eatery. Biscotti or fresh Italian bread from DiCamillo’s or a peanut donut from Paula’s. The list is endless.

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville

When I plan a trip back to the Queen City the menu of good eats gets top prority. A few summers ago I was thrown an unexpected curve-ball when my folks introduced me to Food Truck Tuesdays at Larkin Square. My parents are regulars and they have been bragging about Larkinville since the grand opening in 2012. I was finally going to get to see what it was all about. With camera and appetite in hand we headed to the site of the former Larkin Soap Company warehouse buildings.

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville

Journey to Larkinville

The drive from Pendleton to Larkinville was a quick 30 minutes. Parking was a breeze and soon we were walking into the Food Truck haven. Wow! The variety of delicacies to choose from was incredible. The trucks were lined up through the square and we had arrived early enough to grab a table in the outdoor pavilion. The setting is gorgeous. Humongous baskets of hanging plants decorated the space and the architectural structure was so inviting. My mom’s friend Kathy LeClair met up with us and the food strategy plan of attack was formulated. The ladies set out to grab their first round of goodies, while my dad and I held our table. We watched the band set-up and the ladies returned with dessert first…ice cream. Now it was our turn.

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville

Tom Wilkolaski, Sandy Wilkolaski, Kathy LeClair

Search for a Buffalo Wings Truck

It was one of my first evenings back in town and I was jonesing for some wings so we set out to find a truck that was wing-centric. To my dismay, I couldn’t find a truck that was all wings, all the time. However there were a few vendors that had the local fair on the menu.

FUN FACT about buffalo wing trucks per Jonathan Rowen, Part-Owner Cheesy Chick Food Truck: “The profit margins are not high enough to justify just wings on the truck, and with all of the competition at bars/restaurants the market is very hard to get into.  I think we all wish there was a wing truck!”

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville

Street Food on the Edge

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville

While the Buffalo wings at Larkinville were surprisingly sparse there was no lack of goodies to choose from. My dad decided on a Bison burger from The Roaming Buffalo. I grabbed some French fries from House of Munch and topped them with ketchup and vinegar. Yum! Then followed the fries with a taco from Lloyd’s and an ice cold beer.

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville

Buffalo - Larkinville -8-15-2015 Copyright 2015 Sherrie Wilkolaski

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville

There is something to satisfy virtually any palate. From BBQ to crepes, tacos to hotdogs and everything in between. Larkinville

There is something to satisfy virtually any palate. From BBQ to crepes, tacos to hotdogs and everything in between. Here are a few of the trucks I discovered along the way:

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleLloyd (Taco Truck)

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleLe Petite Poutine

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville, Thomas Wilkolaski, The Roaming BuffaloThe Roaming Buffalo

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleThe Cheesy Chick

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleHouse of Munch

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleJ & L’s BLVD BBQ

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleChef’s Catering

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleSweet Melody’s

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleThe Flaming Fish

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleThe Great Foodini

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleCruisin Crepes 

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleFrank Gourmet Hotdogs

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleR&R BBQ

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleKona Ice

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleThe Whole Hog

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleCenter Street Smoke House

Food Truck Tuesdays LarkinvilleTaffy’s

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville

Unfortunately, I noted that at least half a dozen of the food trucks I saw have since gone out of business.

Opening Night June 4

Today kicks off the Food Truck Tuesday season and I wish I could be there to celebrate! In addition Food Truck Tuesdays, Larkin Square hosts other public events and private events and is available for weddings and catering.

The Live Music at Food Truck Tuesdays Schedule and other free Larkin Square events are listed below. Enjoy!

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville

Live Music at Food Truck Tuesdays Schedule

Food Truck Tuesdays Schedule LarkinvilleFood Truck Tuesdays Larkinville
Larkin Square Events

KeyBankLive at Larkin

KeyBank Live at Larkin Wednesday evening concerts, June 5th – August 28th, 2019,  are the signature night for music in Larkinville. KeyBank Live at Larkin, sponsored by Independent Health features  live music each Wednesday during the summer from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. A curated selection of food trucks offer dining selections, plus beer, wine and other beverages are available from Larkin Square.

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville

Larkin Pickleball

Larkin Square is home to two pickleball courts. Paddles and balls are available for use weekdays and when Larkin Square is open for public events. Feel free to play, we just ask that you please return the paddles and balls when you finish playing. Courts are available on a first come, first serve basis. Equipment is stored in a basket by the courts.

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville

Larkin Square Authors & Speakers

The Larkin Square Author  and Speaker Series is a collaboration between Larkin Square and Talking Leaves Books.  The Series features local and national authors of both fiction and non-fiction works. The Series also welcomes speakers on a variety of topics who may not have authored a book, but have an interesting story to share!

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville

Fitness in the Parks

Independent Health and YMCA Buffalo Niagara are bringing Fitness in the Parks to Larkin Square! Take your workout outside and join us for this FREE community exercise program on Mondays (BollyX) and Thursdays (Cardio Kickboxing)  in Larkin Square. Classes will be held by the Pickleball Courts and restrooms on the south east side of Larkin Square. Everyone is welcome to participate in these FREE 60-minute fitness classes taught by YMCA-certified instructors.

Food Truck Tuesdays Larkinville