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Elke Daemmrich: Winner of A Luxe Beat Magazine Award

Elke Daemmrich creates dynamic, colorful paintings in addition to detailed engravings that celebrate the magnificence of the natural world. Sherrie Wilkolaski recently selected Daemmrich to win one of three Luxe Beat Magazine Awards among the 43 finalists in the Manhattan Arts International juried competition: “The Healing Power of ART”. The purpose of this online exhibition is to reward artistic excellence to artists worldwide for art that serves as a catalyst for healing. About the exhibition Wilkolaski stated: “The impact of art on the healing process is very well documented and yet so underutilized. It is all about creating awareness. These...

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Darlene Kaplan Imbues Her Oriental Brush Paintings, Workshops And Tea Tastings With “Chi”

Oriental brush painting is one of the oldest continuous art forms in history. Some of the earliest practitioners were highly disciplined monks trained in the art of concentration, clarity, and simplicity. Special brushes, techniques, inks, colors and papers are required. One of the distinctive characteristics is the use of an inscription or seal which consists of the artist’s name and the date, which is considered an integral part of the painting. For many years, Darlene Kaplan created realistic paintings in oils before making the change to oriental brush painting. As the award-winning artist and instructor explains, “Studying martial arts —...

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