Love it or hate it, wherever you go in the world, you’re sure to find soda sitting on the shop shelves.

You see the usual Coca-cola, Pepsi, and Sprite but perhaps you’ve come across a bottle of Appy Fizz from India, Fanta Watermelon from Japan or even Black Garlic Soda from Switzerland. It’s impossible to know them all.

To give you a head start we’ve created a taxonomy listing soda from around the world with their country of origin.

Perhaps you’ll spot one on your next travels, but maybe it’d be wise to avoid the Curry Lemonade or Yoghurt Pepsi White.



Check the table below if you want to quickly see if your country is included!

Country Soda Name Flavour
Australia Passiona Passionfruit
Austria Burgenland Kracheri Raspberry
Bangladesh Uro Orange
Canada Cott Black Cherry Cherry
Canada Canada Dry Gingerbeer/Rootbeer
Chile Pap Papaya
China Smart Watermelon
China Smart Peach
Colombia Pony Malta Malt
Colombia Premio Cola
Denmark Dansk Citronvand Lemon
Dominican Republic Country Club Grape
Ecuador Fioravanti Apple
Ecuador Tropical Strawberry
El Salvador Tropical Strawberry
Estonia Valge Klaar Apple
France Orangina Orange
France Lorina Coconut Lime Coconut/Lime
Germany Sinalco Lemon
Germany Karamalz Lemon/Malt
Gibraltar Brand 5 Raspberry
Haiti Robusto Malt
Haiti King Cola Strawberry
Hungary Marka Cherry
Hungary Traubisoda Grape
India Appy Fizz Apple
India Slice Mango
India Rara Salty Salty
India Bovonto Grape
Ireland Club Orange Orange
Italy Fanta Orange
Italy Azzurrina Espresso Coffee Soda Coffee
Japan Curry Lemonade Curry/Lemon
Japan Fanta Melon Melon
Japan Pepsi Salty Watermelon Salty Watermelon
Japan Pepsi White Yoghurt
Japan Pepsi Ice Cucumber Cucumber
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