The next time you take a trip to St. Petersburg, you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared to do as many fun and interesting things as possible. You can find numerous attractions and activities that will be worth your while. Here are just a few of them.

Take a Kayak Tour

Through the months of May to September, you might like to go on a kayak tour. You’ll be able to check out the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg in a truly adventurous way as you travel in a kayak with the assistance of a group of experienced kayakers.

Kryukov canal, bell tower  of St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia

You’ll see gorgeous pieces of architecture that are reflected in the still water of the canals. There also are a number of small bridges and other stunning sights along the way. Along with a group of no more than 10 people, or 5 kayaks, you’ll get a totally different kind of St. Petersburg tours experience. Some of the highlights of your tour may be the St. Nikholas Cathedral, Trinity Bridge, Summer Garden, and the Mariinsky Theatre.

Museums and Other Cultural Attractions

Among some of the most wonderful of the cultural attractions you should visit in St. Petersburg include the following:

*The Faberge Museum, which features the largest collection of Faberge jewelry in the world.

*The State Russian Museum features the largest Russian art collection.

*The house of Peter the Great, which was built in 1703 and is considered to be a UNESCO world heritage site.

*The Lyceum and the Pushkin house museum, as well as other sites which are important to the history of Pushkin, considered to be the Russian Shakespeare for his excellence in poetry.

*Gatchina, a village that remained in the Russian royal family for centuries, including a palace that now is open to the public with beautiful bas-reliefs and mouldings of Rinaldi.

Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Living History

If you are a history buff and would like a glimpse into real-life parts of Russian military history, look no further than Kronstadt. This is where a battalion led an mutiny against the Bolsheviks. Here, you can see various symbols of their naval history, including rusting warships

Kronshtadt is also famous because in 1921, its battalion mutinied against the Bolshevik’s harsh revolutionary policies. The governments’ response was to slaughter almost the entire battalion. During Soviet times the city was closed. It opened again in 1996, and today, it is a charming place to view rusting warships, naval symbols, and other remains of Soviet naval glory. The Byzantine cathedral in St. Petersburg is a great place to see even more about the region’s naval history.


There is much more to discover as you travel the greater St. Petersburg area. You’ll wish that you could stay for a longer trip to view and take in all of the entertaining aspects, history, and natural wonders of this region. If you’d like assistance with a guided tour over a day or several, reach out to Dancing Bear Tours to find out about the amazing package deals they offer for St. Petersburg Tours.