Bo Touch Trash Can

Who says everyday objects can’t be beautiful? With its sleek cabinet-like design, Brabantia’s unique new and space-efficient Bo Touch Trash Can eliminates the need to hide your bin. As practical as it is beautiful, the Bo has been described as “the future of waste management.” It is space efficient, opens with the lightest touch and has removable buckets for as many as three kinds of waste.

BrabantiConceived in The Netherlands and made in Belgium, Bo  has four elegant legs with non-skid protection caps and is available in a range of colors, from Daisy Yellow to Passion Red. It is made from 40% high-grade recycled materials and comes with 10 years of guarantee and service. Brabantia’s PerfectFit waste bags are tailor-made for Bo and are available online as well as at many dealers.

Michael Graves Tea Kettle

In 1984 by designer Michael Graves created his iconic bird-whistle tea kettle elevating a humble household object into a museum-worthy thing of beauty. Graves’s molded plastic bird provided the sound for the kettle, which was seen as a design landmark and achieved record sales for a mass-produced post-modern product.

Marcel Breuer Cane “Cesca” Chair

First developed in 1928 by Marcel Breuer, the Cesca showed up in later years not only in high-end design venues but also as moderately priced versions that decorated many modest urban apartments. Like Breuer’s 1925 Wassily Chair, the Cesca, which features woven cane inserts and a beech frame, is constructed with tubular steel in a cantilever style, which gave the chair flexibility and comfort.

Marcel Breuer married traditional craftsmanship with industrial methods and is credited with helping to make tubular steel furniture a modern institution.

Massimo Vignelli’s Stackable Hellerware


Though Massimo Vignelli is better known for such  major projects as creating the identity of New York’s Guggenheim Museum, many a homemaker has loved his 1965 stackable melamine dinnerware known as Hellerware (after the manufacturer). Though melamine has come under fire in recent years for possible health risks, fans of its good design, durability and function continue to search for sets on such websites as Ebay.

Apple iPhone

What is there to say that hasn’t been said about an object that was once seen simply as a way to place a receive telephone calls—and has since become a hub of all electronic communication?

Yes, it’s the iPhone, which was invented in 2007 and designed by Jonathan Ives. Since then, there have been multiple versions, all designed to make this object indispensable to millions of users worldwide.