By Melissa Hardman

When we think of wine, we may think of France, Italy or California, but did you know that wine originated in China?

When we think of beer, we may think of Germany, the USA or Ireland, but would you have guessed that beer originated in Egypt?

For tens of thousands of years, alcohol has been an important part of a region’s culture – used recreationally, medicinally and during religious ceremonies. Where and how alcohol originated depended on the natural resources in each country.

The team at put together an Infographic: The Compendium of Alcohol Ingredients and Processes which gives you a visual tour of how alcohol is consumed around the world.

Here are fun facts from the infographic: 

Switzerland: The Swiss are not often thought of all the world’s biggest drinks, but they created absinthe which has 60% alcohol content and is known for causing hallucinations.

India: Created the Toddy which is made of sap from palm trees.

Uganda: Get yourself a couple rounds of Tonto.  Made from overripe bananas this local drink contains only 9% alcohol content.

The Compendium of Alcohol Ingredients and Processes - - Infographic