In the world of travel, aircraft ownership is often seen as the pinnacle. Of course, owning an aircraft is not an inexpensive or simple proposition. Whenever your aircraft is on the ground, it is losing money. Efficient and streamlined aircraft management can help you get the most from your investment.

What Is Aircraft Management?

Aircraft management covers a number of the major function of aircraft ownership. A full-service solution may include maintenance, fueling, accounting, marketing, safety management, dispatch and more. Essentially, the service helps aircraft owners get a comprehensive solution for dealing with everything an aircraft needs to operate profitably.

Whether you use your aircraft solely for internal use within your organization or charter it out, aircraft management can be helpful. Owning and operating an aircraft is no simple undertaking. For example, fueling your aircraft around the world can be challenging and expensive. You can’t simply fly around looking for a gas station. Without the right connections, you may find yourself getting less than ideal rates.

Chartering Flights

One of the best ways to get a return out of an aircraft is to charter it out. Whether you purchase this aircraft exclusively for this purpose or simply let your Gulfstream GIV SP charter some of the time, it can turn what would be an aircraft sitting in a hanger into a source of revenue.

Of course, letting other people and organizations charter your aircraft is not a simple undertaking. It is significantly easier with marketing and sales through an aircraft management service. Many service providers have significant experience finding customers for charter flights. Additionally, they can help with the negotiation of sales and handling the necessary agreements.

Furthermore, chartering flights adds a dimension of organizational complexity. Whether you want to use your aircraft yourself or simply need to ensure it is in the right place at the right time for each customer, a significant amount of planning is necessary. Having a management service can make this organization simpler.

Simplifying Everything

Think of aircraft management as being similar to property management. Sure, you could handle all the operations for your aircraft yourself. However, this is no small undertaking and requires regular work and substantial expertise. Rather than taking on that burden alone, hire a team of experts to manage it for you.

Aircraft management services can sometimes save money on aircraft costs due to their economies of scale. So, you could be handing off the management of your aircraft at very little cost and bringing in more revenue. In other words, working with the right service can be a win-win. The best services will provide in-depth financial analysis so you can see how your aircraft is earning you a return.

Learn more about the benefits of aircraft management and how it may be able to help you. When you find the right service, you can enjoy a more positive and profitable ownership experience. Plus, you can also use the service to connect with other owners. If, for example, you need to find a private jet charter Los Angeles owner, the service can help you do that. Learn more today.