Seasons come and go, and the same holds true for fashion trends and interior design. From the retro-modern style of the 60s with shag carpets and wall-papered walls to the inflatable chairs, neon signs, and faux flowers of the 90s, the way we style our homes has drastically changed. Today’s homes have statement backsplashes, hardwood floors with patterned rugs, and bold walls with intricate art. But with fads constantly fleeting, where will we be in 5, or even 10 years?

Below, we’re going to cover the future of luxury home decorations with pieces that will outlive their counterparts well beyond their years.


While you may think technology is slowly pushing everyone apart, thanks to social media and decreased in-person interactions, the future aims to reverse this. Future tech is evolving and will undoubtedly blend into our lives without us even realizing it, from foldable furniture that can create space or add more seating to smart home appliances that work seamlessly to make your life easier.

Smart homes are on the rise and the tech that makes this possible easily disguise themselves as sleek and fashionable home decor pieces. If This Then That, a smart home solution software, works tirelessly to bring all of your home’s appliances and devices together. In no time, our world is going to look more like the landscape of The Jetsons than that of the Flintstones. Take a look at just some of the things IFTT can do:

  • Brew you a cup of coffee the moment it senses you’re up
  • Vacuum your home when no one’s there
  • Turn on your favorite music the moment you get home
  • Readjust your home’s temperature when you leave to save energy
  • Start your laundry machine
  • Turn your lights on or off, as well as change the color
  • Shut your oven off
  • Switch your Crock-Pot Slow Cooker’s mode when the timer finishes to keep it warm


The style of furniture is also gradually changing, meaning the way we outfit our homes is going to look much different than they do today. For example, furniture in the future will double as workout equipment, meaning you’ll never have to pay for a gym membership again. Your couch will be able to turn into a seated leg press, while an electric bike will double as a luxury home decor accessory.

Along with your own home gym, furniture will be able to transform based on your needs. Looking for a place to store all of your winter belongings? Stackable furniture will allow you to discreetly hide clothes and home accessory pieces during the warm months and serve as extra seating or table space in the winter.

Not only will furniture change, but home decoration accessories will too. Futuristic themes filled with metal prints, chrome accent fixtures, and metallic counter spaces are taking over. This trend is simple and fashionable, and easy to clean, too!


If you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on in the news recently, you can probably tell climate change is a major concern. People are more aware of their actions and are striving to create a more sustainable future with decreased plastic use and eating more plant-based meals. This new lifestyle trend is also affecting how we decorate our homes.

In the future, you’ll find more homes with vertical indoor gardens, greenhouses, and plants placed throughout different rooms. Not only will you be able to grow your own fruits and vegetables at home, but lush green plants will liven up your living spaces, increase air quality, and help reduce stress.

vertical indoor gardens

The Outdoors

The interior of your home isn’t the only area that’s going to change in the future. There are many exterior changes coming your way that will add new touches of luxury to your home.

  • Pools: For those hot summer days, there’s nothing more relaxing than a dip in the pool and a refreshing beverage. In the future, you’ll see more pools with walk-up wet bars that allow you to get a snack or create a drink.
  • Fireplaces: Once summer is over and the cold creeps in, an outdoor fireplace will keep you warm. In the future, you’ll see fireplaces that can turn on with just the sound of your voice. Goodbye lighter fluid, kindling, and matches!
  • Outdoor Entertainment: Gathering with friends and family to watch a movie or play games isn’t confined to the living room anymore. Waterproof outdoor projectors and virtual reality headsets will allow you to watch movies or shows, or play fun interactive games right in your backyard.

Wrapping Up

The future of luxury home decorations are going to look much different than those of today. From smart home appliances that work autonomously to interactive furniture and indoor gardens, homes of the future will be more exciting and entertaining.