When you want to travel somewhere special to start 2020, you have several choices. You do not need to go to the typical tourist destinations, and you are not obligated to go to all the typical tourist destinations. You can create a special trip to ring in the new year, and you will have just as much fun as the people who are watching the ball drop in Times Square.

New York City’s Hidden Neighborhoods


When you want to travel to New York for the new year, you do not need to stand in Times Square at midnight with a million other people. If you have checked Scorpio Weekly, you might have realized that you need to have a private gathering and quiet time with someone you love.

In order to do this, you can go to New York to find one of the smaller neighborhoods that allows you to enjoy New Year’s Eve on the roof, in a small diner, or at a house party. You can travel around New York for a few days for shopping and sightseeing, and you can spend some time at a quiet gathering with champagne, diner food, and good friends.



People do not often think that Miami is a New Year’s destination, but it is the perfect place to bring in the new year because you can sit on the beach every day. The rest of America is freezing when they stand outside for the ball to drop at midnight. However, you can stand on the beach in your bikini when it hits midnight. You can go to a wonderful restaurant on South Beach, or you can go to a club when it strikes midnight.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a nice resort town in the Dominican Republic, but it is not busy with tourists at this time of the year. You can have a wonderful beach vacation with your family, and you can sit on the beach when the New Year comes. Plus, you can relax because this might be one of the most stressful times of the year for you. You have spent a lot of time preparing for the holidays, and you need some time to rest.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a great place to celebrate the New Year because it does not host one of the most popular celebrations. Also, the city is so large that you can go to parties around town without worrying about tourists Rowling the city. You can go sightseeing in the city because it is not busy at this time of the year. Plus, you can go to special concerts that are hosted at the Hollywood Bowl, Staples Center, and Disney Hall.

Moreover, you could go to a few basketball games around this time of the year, and you will truly enjoy Los Angeles while enjoying nice weather.



Vancouver might not be the most obvious tourist destination for the New Year, but this city provides you with snow, amazing views, and several places to visit outside the city. You could go up to Whistler to ski, or you could say on the mountain to see the fireworks when the clock strikes midnight.

Plus, the city of Vancouver has many outlying islands where you can relax in a cabin or villa. You can travel through the city to see all the sights, and you will enjoy the city without being swarmed by tourists. Vancouver is also very close to Seattle, and you might want to go down to Seattle to sit at the top of the Space Needle at midnight.

The best part of your New Year’s vacation is that you can travel to warm and cool climates to ring in the new year. You do not need to go to the typical tourist spots for the New Year, and you can enjoy some amazing cities around the world that are not crowded with tourists this time of year. You can build a vacation around a party that will start around midnight, or you can go to the beach because you want to be in a swimsuit with champagne in your hand when the clock strikes midnight.