Are you ready to make 2019 your most fun and exciting year ever? Then it’s time to add these amazing luxury adventure travel destinations to your plans.

A luxury lifestyle means that you can literally take pleasure where you find it. Throw in a spirit of adventure and the places you can visit are the stuff of most people’s dreams.

Nothing ventured nothing gained. Here are the destinations you should add to your luxury adventure travel bucket list.

  1. The Galapolos Islands

These islands make up a volcanic province in the Pacific. They’re part of Ecuador, lying around six hundred miles off its coast. The remote terrain is home to a diversity of plant and animal species, many found nowhere else on earth.

Galapolos Islands

Don’t miss Fernandina Island. It’s one of the most isolated parts of the archipelago. Here you’ll be able to see iguanas and flightless cormorants. It’s possible to dive here and get the opportunity to spot turtles, sea horses, rays and sharks.

  1. A Day Trip to Antarctica 

When you’re in Chile, go just a little bit further south by taking a two-hour flight to Antarctica. You’ll be visiting a continent that covers more than five million square miles.


Landing on King George Island, you’ll be able to visit a Russian Orthodox church and see the wild penguins. Specialized tourist activity takes place over the summer. That includes an annual marathon, known as the Antarctic marathon.

  1. Deep into an Ice Cave 

Take a day-long private tour of one of Iceland’s man-carved ice caves. It lies under Langjökull glacier, the country’s second-largest in Iceland. It’s only accessible by specially modified vehicles.

You’ll also be able to visit the turquoise Hraunfoss waterfall and the Deildartunguhver thermal springs. Take in the unique landscape of one of the world’s youngest countries. Iceland has some of the earth’s most active volcanoes.

  1. A Reindeer Safari in Finland

In the Levi resort of Lapland, Finland, you can take a four-hour Reindeer and ice fishing tour. You’ll ride through snow-dusted forests on a three-mile trip. Stop in a Lappish teepee for some ice fishing and a special meal of salmon soup.

reindeer safari Finland

You’ll even be able to take home a reindeer driving license as a special souvenir. While you’re in northern Europe, take a detour to Norway for a ride on a snowmobile to spot polar bears and see the country’s icebergs.

  1. Try Some Heliskiing in Switzerland

A private helicopter charter allows you to pick your ideal slopes to ski or snowboard in the Swiss Alps. Choose from some of the greatest ski resorts on earth such as Zermatt, Verbier, and Chamonix.


You’re aiming high here because you can land at nearly fourteen thousand feet above sea level. You can then ski down an average run of almost half that distance. Finish the day off with a cold bottle of Champagne in Saint Moritz.

Explore These Luxury Adventure Travel Destinations

The world literally is your oyster. Too many places, too little time. If you like to live a bit dangerously, then stick to our list for the best in luxury adventure travel.

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