The heyday of auctions began in the thirteenth century in Europe. Today Internet auctions are gaining popularity. What traditions are preserved and what has become fashionable at modern auctions?

The most popular European auctions:

Oldest Auction 

drouot auction house

Image courtesy of Drouot

It is generally believed that the most popular auctions in Europe are Sotheby’s and Christie’s, but they are not. It is impossible not to remember the French auction of Drouot, which is not only very famous but also one of the oldest. It sells paintings, furniture, various household items from different eras.

Drouot occupies four auction halls in Paris. Thanks to the free entrance, visitors can walk from room to room, get acquainted with the lots in order to buy things they like. Auvergne is an area of France, engaged in the arrangement of this most ancient auction.

Christie’s Auction 

christie's auction house

Image courtesy of Christie’s

Christie’s auction is probably the most famous of the famous auctions. It was founded in late 1766.

Today, the auctions are held in such European cities as Rome, Paris, Zurich, Geneva, Milan, Amsterdam, etc. The founder of the auction was James Christie, who initially conducted the auction himself. It is known that he personally negotiated with Catherine the Great for the sale of some exhibits that were later exhibited in the Hermitage. Christie is currently ranked number one in the world by turnover.

Sotheby’s Auction


Image courtesy of Sotheby’s

Only respectable buyers can afford to buy at the popular Sotheby’s auction. The annual turnover of the famous auction firm exceeds a billion dollars. Sotheby’s was founded in London in 1744, starting to sell books, which in those years were highly appreciated by collectors. Today, the share of Sotheby’s accounts for not less than ninety percent of the auction sales of art objects and antiques in the world.

It is safe to say that Sotheby’s has a leading role in the world market. In spite of the fact that the auction house is now more focused on the trade-in objects of art, with which more than two hundred years ago began its existence. However, in recent years, this auction is increasingly recognized with Yves Bouvier and auction house rival Sotheby’s.

The most famous online auctions

In recent decades, Internet commerce has grown at an incredible rate. There were many Internet auctions from small to huge. The leader among them is, of course, the auction eBay, where you can buy almost everything.

The Internet auction became popular due to the fact that the prices there are much lower than in any real store, and the range is amazing – from antiques to books and household items.

Auctioned lots are always very detailed, the description is accompanied by several photos, there are reviews of buyers and rating. Make a purchase on e-Bay or sell something through this auction can anyone, no matter what country they are in. All you have to do to participate is go through the registration process. No membership fees or subscription fees are required to participate in the auction.

The most expensive purchase made at this popular online auction was a used jet. It left the auction for five million dollars. The most expensive purchase was the island of Thatch Cay in the Caribbean Sea. It was sold in parts, each part went for a million dollars.

The sale of cars, including used cars, is increasingly done through online car auctions. This trade is especially common in Germany, Belgium, France and other European cities. One of the most popular auction companies is Manheim.

Internet auction of jewelry and jewelry is The range of this auction is mostly new items, although you can also find used jewelry. The most attractive thing there is the prices for lots, which rarely exceed fifteen percent of the declared retail prices of manufacturers.


Feature image by klimkin from Pixabay