When was the last time you thought about your bucket list? If you’re like most people, then checking off your dreams of adventure and excitement will likely be overshadowed by day-to-day life.

However, actually following through on the goals and experiences you have set yourself could actually help you to start living your best life, right now! Indeed, you don’t need to wait until you retire to start completing your bucket list, and perhaps many of the items could be ticked off simultaneously while on vacation.

Here are some of the most common bucket list items to inspire your next accomplishment:

The Travel Bucket List

Traveling is something most people have on their bucket list, as getting away and exploring another culture is always a unique experience. In general, when it comes to checking off these items, people tend to have specific countries or landmarks in mind.

For example, seeing the Eiffel Tower, Northern Lights or Statue of Liberty are all popular. Some people dream of going on an African Safari, while others are more intrigued by a Moroccan getaway.

The way you travel may very well shape how you complete your bucket list — and a cruise is an item you may like to add. Check out these Alaska cruise packages, and you’ll soon discover your trip on the open seas will be easier to tick off than you thought.

The Adventure Bucket List

High on many adventurer’s lists is skydiving, and if this sounds like you, make those dreams a reality. Additionally, white water rafting, motorcycling, bungee jumping and swimming with dolphins are other exciting options you could add.

Another traditional bucket list item is to run a marathon. This will take hard work and training, but the satisfaction will be well worth it. You could also try physical challenges like Tough Mudder or Color Run.

There are countless worthwhile activities and adventures worth checking out. For example, The Cable Bay Adventure Park in New Zealand is home to the world’s longest flying fox. It’s an extreme ride, which may (or may not) help to overcome your fear of heights. Remember, when you create a bucket list, it gives you the opportunity to make a life plan that’s personalized to your unique interests.

The Life-Changing Bucket List

It’s never too late to learn something new. In that vein, another common bucket list item is learning how to write a book — and one of the best ways to prepare for this is with a writing course. Other items on your list might include losing weight, as well as learning how to speak a new language, knit a scarf or play the guitar.

Moreover, singing publicly will be an achievement you’ll never forget, but if you don’t have the voice for it, you could compromise with a night of drinks and karaoke! These will likely all be ongoing goals, and when you write them down, you’ll be more likely to complete them.

Just Get Started!

Once you start ticking items off your bucket list, you’ll no doubt be inspired to add more. The activities you choose will likely depend on your age, interests and personality type. But don’t necessarily restrict yourself to what your current budget will allow.

After all, you have your whole life ahead of you to achieve these goals, and you may even be able to think outside the box to complete your bucket list in non-traditional ways. What are you waiting for? Write that list and start living out your dreams!