Europe is full of great food. With so many destinations having great reputations for fantastic dining experiences and so many nurturing hidden gems, you’ll be constantly spoiled for choice…wherever you go.

So, where are your taste buds going to take you this summer? To help inspire you, we’ve made a list of some of the best food experiences that you can enjoy when traveling in Europe.



With over 1,000 islands to visit, what’s not to love about Croatia? Full of sun, sea and national parks, it’s truly a beautiful location. Its culinary capital is Istria, which full of dreamy foods such as truffles, steak and prosciutto. Croatia is well known for its gastronomic delights and the best way to experience this is through a food tour. Take a food tour, which are full of unique culinary experiences, producing some of the best olive oil, amazing wines and incredible truffles. Enjoy the very best food as you explore Umag, Novigrad, Porec, Rovinj, or Pula with a licensed tour guide.


Tuscan farmhouseWith more to it than just pizza and pasta, Italian food is seasonal and simply delicious. Famed for its vineyards and locally sourced fresh ingredients, Italy is a food lover’s dreams. If you’re heading to Tuscany, why not stay in a Tuscan farmhouse? You’ll be surrounded by vineyards and olive trees with the opportunity to do some wine tasting and bruschetta-much as you like.


dinner in the sky brusselsBrussels is truly a cultural city with some fantastic foods such as mussels, Flemish stew, waffles and meatballs. You can enjoy one of the most extraordinary dining experiences here too – dinner in the sky! Ten chefs will cook for ten tables that are lifted by ten cranes right up the sky. You can then appreciate the high views while sampling some delicious rare dishes made by ‘starred’ chefs.


Bounce Ping Pong LondonHome to some of the best British cuisine, London has some of best foodie experiences in Europe. Check out Bounce Ping Pong and enjoy some great food and drinks while having a game of ping pong. With carefully put together menus, a traditional take on globally inspired recipe and some British influences, you certainly won’t be disappointed.


WürstelstandAustria, especially Vienna, is a meat lover’s paradise. Around every corner you’ll find a traditional food stand – Würstelstand. Selling the most authentic sausages you’ll ever taste, traditionally made from beef or pork, you most certainly won’t be disappointed with their juicy hotdogs as well as meatloaves called Leberkäse and sausages filled with cheese. These are commonly known as Käsekrainer – if you love sausages, this is the place for you. There are many food walking tours you can experience here as well as beer tasting and cooking classes.


Balkans Real Food AdventureThere’s a chance many of you won’t know a lot about this country – it’s not often shouted about. The cuisine here is a mixture of Balkan, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean which essentially means an abundance of cheese, pastry and lots of meat with a side of fresh vegetables, washed down with local wine. While here, take part in the Balkans Real Food Adventure, where you’ll learn how to make the region’s speciality – pastries – and taske pinjur, makalo, beino cheese, sample some of the finest wines and so much more.


luxury hero IcelandYou’re in for a real treat when it comes to food in Iceland. The cuisine capital known as Reykjavik is largely based upon meat and fish. Enjoy everything here from lamb hot dogs to Rye bread or puffin. Whether it is a traditional or modern dish, Iceland has it all. A must while here in Iceland is to take part in Sea Angling Gourmet in Reykjavik, which combines a fishing trip with a gourmet meal of your catch. You’ll be given all the equipment to catch your fish with. Once completed, you’ll head back to the harbour where a cook from the MAR restaurant will prepare your fish and meal in their own unique way.



Most popular for its baguettes, croissants and crepes, there’s so much more food to taste here. Take part in a walking tour through one of the city’s most desirable neighbourhoods, Le Marais. You’ll be led by a chef or food writer who will take you through many Parisien side streets full of chic restaurants, cafes, delis and boulangeries. Expect to learn all about the old and new food trends.


Athens Night Sightseeing Tour with Greek Dinner ShowThere’s no need for us to tell you why Greek food is so amazing. Food lovers dream of fresh ingredients such as olive oil, fresh fish, feta cheese and filo pastry – all combined with plenty of herbs and some of the tenderest meat – lamb being the favourite here. You’ll find quality eats wherever you go in Greece. Experience a magical evening in Athens with a three-hour panoramic evening tour, with an incredible Greek dinner show included, with delicious food, music and dancing.


Markthal_RotterdamHosting some of Europe’s best markets in the world, teeming with fresh fruits, vegetables, spices as well as some weird and wonderful delights to send your taste buds wild – in fact it’s a real treat for all the senses. Take a trip to one of Rotterdam’s most unique markets, Markthal, in the shape of a horseshoe that cost a huge 175 million euros to make with interior walls made from an epic amount of fresh food hovering above the market stalls. All the stalls are lined with some of the best international food, cheese and cured meats.

Are you hungry yet? Hopefully we have inspired you to book your next trip in Europe for an all round fun time, with a belly full of great food.