Vacations are meant to be relaxing, refreshing and revitalizing. Luxury vacations take these adjectives to a whole other level. Check out our list of the top 10 most luxurious vacation destinations, right here in the U.S.!

1. Newport, Rhode Island

“Technically, Newport is located on Aquidneck Island and is one of the most famous New England resort areas. In fact, it’s been a favorite resort area for a long time, beginning during the “Gilded Age” in the mid-nineteenth century, when wealthy families wanting to escape the summer heat began to build summer “cottages” on Bellevue Avenue near the coastline.” -Jan Ross. Full article here…

Mansion in Newport.

Mansion in Newport

2. Carson, Washington

“Whenever anyone describes a location as very nice but “not really luxurious,” I immediately lose interest. I like things to be luxurious. In fact, I love luxurious things. Bring on the luxury! This is absolutely not a problem with the completely fabulous Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins in the beautiful, wild Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Washington State, as they have all the luxury you could possibly want. And then some.” -Jan Ross. Full article here…

Mt. Adams cabin, Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins

Carson Ridge

3. Hana, Maui, Hawaii

“Travaasa provides the expected resort basics: a spa, pools, prime beach access and daily yoga with view. But that’s where the expected ends and what I’ll call living Hawaiian begins.” -Dana Rebmann. Full article here…

Horses from Travaasa Hana Stables

Hana horses

4. San Diego, California

“Boredom was not an option; on-site recreation runs the gamut from carefree lounging in poolside cabanas, lap swimming or soaking away stress in the hot tub. Guests can rent jet skis, kayaks, canoes and paddle boards with lessons at the marina dock.” -Debi Lander. Full article here…

Kona Kai Marina

Kona Kai Marina

5. Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Visiting Santa Fe in winter is an experience everyone should savor at least once. The smell of wood burning fireplaces, and the aroma of delicious cold weather dishes being prepared in Plaza eateries, along with the welcoming warmth of local hotels and shops, is beyond inviting.” -Bonnie Carroll. Full article here…

Rosewood Inn at the Anastazi

Rosewood Inn at the Anastazi

6. New Orleans, Louisiana 

“Even though New Orleans in its entirety cannot be categorized in the same opulence as cities such as Paris or Dubai, I realized, through my recent trip to the legendary destination, that luxury does exist within the city limits, and in quite great amounts. If you’re looking to visit the rogue Southern city, see the splendor that I discovered within New Orleans, through accommodations, dining, drink and attractions.” -Jenna Intersimone. Full article here…

The Garden District

The Garden District

7. Hamburg, New Jersey

“New Jersey truly is full of natural beauty in its mountainsides, lakes, forests and farmland. One such place that represents the natural luxury that exists within our little state is Grand Cascades Lodge, a year-round retreat. Located in northwest New Jersey as a part of Crystal Springs Resort, Grand Cascades ‘reminds visitors why New Jersey is nicknamed ‘The Garden State,’’.” -Jenna Intersimone. Full article here…

Grand Cascades

Grand Cascades

8. Atlanta, Georgia

“Atlanta has always scored high as one of the South’s most stylish cities; however, this year, Atlanta has really hit its stride. You’ll need more than a weekend to explore the new museum openings, walk the Atlanta Beltline, max out your cards shopping at the ultra-luxe retailers and come hungry because the local farm-fresh food scene is exploding.” -Janice Nieder. Full article here…

Mandarin Oriental's Gorgeous English Garden

Mandarin Oriental’s Gorgeous English Garden

9. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

“Visits to our nation’s treasures, the U.S. National Parks, connect people with nature and history. Personally, they wake me up far better than a double espresso. They fill my soul with wonder and appreciation. A recent trip to the Grand Canyon became a glorious getaway and certainly ranked as one of my best. The view from the South Rim declares and defines nature’s power and beauty about as profoundly as possible. Trust me, no one leaves disappointed.” -Debi Lander. Full article here…

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

10. Southport, Maine

“How many of you have thought about a private island or really staying in a lighthouse? Not a rugged lighthouse like in “Eye of the Needle” or “Vertigo,” but one that has been historically restored to perfection on the outside, with every modern luxurious amenity on the inside. The Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse makes this dream a reality.” -Maralyn Hill. Full article here…

Ariel View of The Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse

Ariel View of The Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse

When you think luxury, what destinations come to mind? Let us know in the comments!