It used to be that celebrities concentrated only on their regular careers, and fashion brands were limited to designers and fashion icons. Turns out, celebrity clothing lines have been around a long time, with the likes of American actress and producer Gloria Swanson, and even the legendary Beatles, taking the lead. Today, no one does this better than the Kardashian/Jenner/West clan, but celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Beyoncé, and Cardi B are slowly catching up. If you’re one of those avid fans trying to keep up with the latest fashion “celebreneurs” here are some of the top brands you need to watch out for:

Selena Gomez x Coach

Selena Gomez

If you’re not a huge Selena Gomez fan, you probably weren’t aware that she previously launched a collection with Coach, which mostly featured bags, accessories, and ready-to-wear items. Now, she’s at it again, with a new collection due in the fall, which will include more ready-to-wear clothes, outerwear, accessories, purses, and small leather goods. Glamour got a first look at the collaboration and it’s evident that Gomez made sure she included a lot of beautiful personal touches, with some pieces featuring a secret message in her handwriting that read: “Not perfect, Always me.”

Rihanna’s Fenty X Puma and Savage x Fenty

Rihanna Fenty X Puma and Savage x Fenty

As if her makeup line Fenty was not enough, Rihanna went on to collaborate with other brands and create more relatable, inclusive, and luxurious pieces of clothing. After she had huge success with her Savage X Fenty line, which Vogue playfully describes as “body-positive bras and briefs for bad gals everywhere”, she is reportedly looking to create a luxurious fashion line with Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.

The success of her fashion ventures doesn’t lie solely on her celebrity status—it’s because the clothes she creates are universal and empowering. “Savage X is about respect. Do what you do. Be unapologetically you. Embrace individuality,” she told Vogue when asked about what Fenty X Savage stands for. This resonates with her market, as women need garments that not only make them look good, but feel good, too. Woman Within explains how shapewear sculpts and shapes a woman’s silhouette using compression technology. The site notes that women of all sizes can benefit from shapewear. Something Rihanna made very clear this year.

Melissa McCarthy’s Seven7

Melissa McCarthy
Rihanna isn’t the only one creating inclusive designs for women of all shapes and sizes. Melissa McCarthy also launched her own size-inclusive line in 2015 on the Home Shopping Network. The Insider reports that she actually moved to New York to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology, so it’s not a surprise that she eventually came out with her own designs. She joins the ranks of celebrities like Sofia Vergara, who recently launched “Sofia Jeans” at Walmart, and Rebel Wilson, with her Rebel Wilson x Angels, who are providing fashion for women size 12 and up.

Serena William’s Serena Great

Serena Williams

She’s a star athlete, but her popularity equals that of a celebrity. That’s why her line became popular when it was released—especially since she aimed to redefine the term “plus-size” with it. ”We’re calling this collection ‘Serena Great’ because I wanted a different word than ‘plus,’” Williams told Refinery29 when asked about her brand’s name. “I’ve always been curvier, or larger. But I felt like ‘plus’ isn’t a word I’d use to describe a lot of women,” she added. Her line is designed to encourage women to express their creativity and individuality.

Other celebrities under the Luxe Beat radar include fashion designer and star of Basketball Wives LA, Angel Brinks, whose passion for fashion radiates through her clothing line.