Traveling in luxury often means you want for nothing. You can truly escape in any sense of the word you wish. It could mean enjoying an infinity pool overlooking one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, or it could mean challenging yourself by reaching the tallest peak on earth. What you do and how you define luxury does not matter, but what does matter is that on your journey, you are ready to go and have what you need to enjoy yourself no matter where you are, or what you are doing. To accomplish this, ensure that your suitcase has these essentials items.

A Strong Phone Case

We all have a more personal attachment to our phones, which is why we need to do more to protect them while we are on vacation. You could get a Samsung J3 case that is durable and waterproof, for instance, allowing you to have fun with your friends or partner wherever you are. The stronger the case, the wilder your adventures can become without worrying about losing out on any of the great memories you have taken on your phone.

A New SIM Card

Being disconnected from the world and our friends is challenging at the best of times, but is even more so when we have so much we want to share with them. Not only that, but being connected to the internet can give us a sense of independence wherever we are, with translation options, maps, and social media. To be connected when traveling, however, you are going to need a new SIM card. Thankfully, you can very likely obtain one of these SIM cards easily from the airport. Top it up, and you will be ready to go on whatever adventure you have your heart set on.

A Zero-Waste Travel Kit

The definition of luxury is evolving. The fashion industry and the world leaders have come together to work collaboratively for a waste-free, sustainable future. After all, how can something truly be luxurious if it was made in the same poor conditions as the cheapest clothes were? Even if your designer dress was made by artisans hands in Italy, it does not mean that the fabric itself was created using polluting methods. Waste is ugly, clunky, and not necessary. As a luxury traveler, you are likely already used to waste-free living. Eating on fine plates, drinking from crystal glasses – these are all reusable and sustainable. It is for this reason that, if you are planning a backpacking adventure, you should invest in a zero-waste kit. This will typically include a reusable straw, fold-able cutlery, and package-free, eco beauty products to keep you looking naturally fresh.

A Travel Wardrobe

Finally, the travel wardrobe. Every traveler needs one because you cannot feasibly bring all of your clothing. The more thought and effort you put into curating a travel wardrobe, the better. You want items that work together harmoniously so that you can not only bring less; you can enjoy more unique, creative outfits as a result.

Travel is the best privilege any of us can enjoy, and by following this guide you can do your part to better the world the world and for your personal experience, all at once.