Taking a trip can be great fun, but it’s a lot less stressful when you’re well organized. The seasoned traveler knows it’s best to gather maps and lists of places in advance – but also what a hassle this can be. How can you plan a detailed trip without organizing all the fun out of it?

Thanks to the magic of handheld devices and Google Maps, it’s possible to collate all the information you need and keep it to hand. For example, you can pin your hotel and other must-see places to your own Google map, and share it with your travel companions. That way, everyone ends up where they’re supposed to.

Google Maps can also help you to get good value on your trip once you arrive. Clicking on local bars and cafés brings up detailed information including user ratings and even how busy they are right now. And if you’re in the States, you can bring up local gas prices to make sure you use the cheapest gas station in town.

To find out how to do so, check out our new infographic. We’ve put together the top tips on how to use Google Maps to plan your holiday, and keep it going smoothly once you’re there.

Google Maps combines mapping, directions, suggestions, and even street-view photos into a single, device-sized package. Use it to power your next trip, and you’ll have all the fun of being spontaneous – without getting lost!


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This article originally published via expedia.ca and republished with permission.