Canada is home to a few of the most popular casinos in the world and a lot of tourists go to these establishments all throughout the year. If you are planning to visit Canada and have some fun in their famous casinos, there’s a certain etiquette you must adhere to so you don’t end up embarrassing yourself on the casino floor. Lucky for you, we’ve listed them here – you’re welcome!

Legal Age

Generally, you have to be at least 19 years old to engage in casino games in Canada, but for Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, the legal age requirement is 18. Be sure to have a valid government issued ID with your picture on it handy to prove your eligibility.

Dress Code

Casual attire is generally allowed in most Canadian casinos, but definitely no beachwear and caps. Most venues have coat check services for the convenience of the guests.

Slot Machines

Although slot machines are basically for individual players, players are expected to be considerate of other players. If you need to go on a bathroom break, it is customary to leave a personal item on your seat to indicate that the machine is taken and this should be respected. If a slots attendant holds the machine for you, you are expected to give them a tip. Playing on multiple machines at once is not allowed during peak hours. If you want to practice playing slots, the best venue is not the casino but online. There are a lot of trustworthy online slot games you can play, some of which are specifically created for Canadian players. Click here to see more of these online slot machines.

Dealing with Dealers

Most casinos have brochures outlining the rules at the game tables and dealers explaining these to players. However, it is a no-no to ask dealers for guidance on how to play, especially after a player loses. There are learning sessions held during the day so that dealers can do their job uninterrupted during the games. Players should not delay a game by expecting the dealer to give them sympathy for a bad hand or blame the dealer for their losses. Keep in mind that the dealer is merely doing their job and all guests are treated equally. If you want to join a game, you should wait until the end of a hand before asking for chips.

Hand Signals

A lot of casino games require players to use hand signals and these should be learned before joining a game, particularly in blackjack, which requires a lot of hand signs. It is unacceptable to make derogatory comments or use abusive language to other players at the table.

Handling Cards

When cards are dealt face down, players should take the cards with only one hand, and when cards are dealt face up, these should not be touched at all. Players should refrain from touching their bet after a hand has been dealt and should wait until the end of the hand. Be sure not to bend the cards or place drinks on them. When a player loses a hand, they are expected to politely put the cards face up beside the bet. You should never throw the cards down angrily. In most casinos, the decision of the supervisor in any dispute is always deemed as final.

Alcoholic Beverages

In Canada, casinos are not allowed to serve complimentary alcoholic beverages to players. In British Columbia, serving alcoholic beverages is only allowed in restaurants and lounges. Being drunk at the casino tables is frowned upon so be sure to be sober if you want to keep playing.

Be sure to take note of this casino etiquette before leaving for Canada. Going to their casinos will surely be a lot more fun if you abide by the rules!