We are approached to review many products, some of great interest, others quite unusual, and others in which we feel our readers would not have interest. When True&Co. approached us to review its bras, I was personally quite interested. After all, half of our readers are women.


Bras have come a long way during the past century. Howard Hughes was known for designing just the right one for the well-endowed Jane Russell. I’m sure he enjoyed the challenge and success.

TheSweetnessofBeing_PlungeBra_NudeSo I was fascinated by the sizing quiz each person takes to determine her correct size. It covers everything from the standard questions about one breast being larger than another and how much space is in between. I’ve not had a bra that has fit right since my lumpectomy in 2002 and breast realignment in 2003. I’m still lopsided and surprised that many women have the same problem. I was skeptical that this test and its recommendations would really make a difference. I was wrong. They corrected my sizing and recommended three styles they felt would best work and indeed they have. I’m sold.

Uniform_Bralette_ScallopShellTrue&Co. first launched in May 2012, with its online bra marketplace with more than 50 name brands. An online quiz was the first of its kind to gather data necessary to recommend the best fitting bras. Plus, you can always return them, with a return label provided.Uniform_ConvertibleWirefree_Ash

October 2013 was a big date for True&Co., as it introduced its first line that was built from data accumulated; “She Walks In (Beauty + Light), becoming one of the most popular brands on the site.”True_Uniform_Editorial6

June 2014 set another milestone, as “Uniform” was launched,True&Co.’s collection of luxury undergarment basics. The company says, “This is the first line to reflect the body shape ideology of True Spectrum.”

Whereas True&Co. may not be for everyone, it certainly is ideal for me.

Photos courtesy of True&Co.


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