A motor boat is a boat powered by an engine instead of a set of sails, and they are some of the most fun and convenient watercrafts you will ever set foot on. Whether you are at the helm, or sitting back and watching the scenery fly past, you are in for an exhilarating experience. Here is a guide to some of the different types of motor boat, and why each might appeal to you.


If it’s speed you’re looking for, it’s all in the name. These boats are lightweight and aerodynamic, allowing them to go as fast as possible. Space is relatively limited and the engines can be very loud so they may not be the best for entertaining, but they are ideal for racing or fast cruising. Pick an outboard engine over a sterndrive as they are lighter, less expensive to service, and have a much a lower fuel consumption.

The Beneteau Flyer 6.6 has three optional layouts including one with a cuddy cabin and a head, as well as seating for eight and a 200hp outboard motor.

Beneteau Flyer 6.6

Sports Cruiser

Sports cruisers are great for anyone who wants to get away for a long weekend of fishing or some other sporting activity. To qualify as a sports cruiser, the boat needs to be a sporting vessel with a hull large enough to house a cabin that will sleep two people.

Sports Cruisers are generally a balance between performance and comfort, but some specific models will focus more on one than the other. You therefore need decide which is most important to you; do you like something sporty with greater overall performance, or would you prefer a less powerful cruiser with larger living quarters.

Chris Craft 36 Corsair

With a double berth cabin and a top speed of 38 knots thanks to its two MerCruiser engines, the Chris Craft 36 Corsair is the perfect sports cruiser for couples. If you are looking for a boat that can comfortably fit your family of four, as well as be towed behind your car, take a look at the Regal 28 Express.

Fly Bridge

These distinctive boats have a helm positioned on an upper deck, putting you much higher than you would on any other type of boat and thus providing unobstructed views. This is particularly advantageous when it comes to berthing and navigation as you can easily see in all directions. Since the bridge is raised, the saloon can be placed above deck, creating a great space for entertaining.

The Sealine F530 has three roomy cabins for you and your guests to enjoy whilst aboard, as well as twin Volvo Penta IPS 600 engines for great maneuverability and long-distance cruising, with a top speed of 33 knots.

Sealine F530

Cabin Cruiser

Measuring anywhere from upwards of 20ft, cabin cruisers are elegant and stately. As the name suggests, they always come with at least one cabin. They also tend to have some sort of enclosed seating area behind the helm so you can have some company while you steer.  The saloons are often above deck, as with the flybridge, so you can enjoy excellent views of the surrounding area.

The Sheerline 1090 HT can comfortably cruise rivers and coasts at 20 knots thanks to its semi-displacement hull and 300hp Volvo Penta D4 engine; ideal for anyone searching for versatility.

Sheerline 1090 HT

These are, of course, just some of the many options available to you. Before you start looking for a motor boat for sale, be sure to think carefully about your lifestyle and the intended use and then look for the boat that suits you best. Owning a boat can help you enjoy sporting hobbies, travel and stay cheaply, and generally give you a happier more carefree life. You’re dream boat is out there, and all you need to do is start tracking it down today!