If you are searching for a luxury gift for a connoisseur, one that will make an immediate impact, diamonds are the best choice.

Precious Vodka® is the ultimate gift because it is designed with a crystal bottle that is shaped like a giant diamond. As if that was not enough of a luxury statement, inside each cap is a semi-precious stone, either a ruby, topaz, peridot, sapphire or emerald.

From Europe to Asia, vodka aficionados appreciate the quality, the taste and the diamond-shaped bottle topped with a semi-precious stone. Brand owner, Kip Kimerly selected internationally known Brand Ambassador, Diego Valdez to represent the United States launch of Precious Vodka®.


“Valdez is the former Brand Ambassador for The Diageo Corporation (Don Julio, Cîroc, Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, to name a few),” says Kimerly. And, in the opinion of Valdez, “Precious Vodka® not only embodies luxury at its finest, the affordability makes Precious Vodka® the Crown Jewel of all vodkas.”

Founded in 2010, and produced by one of the oldest distilleries in Eastern Europe, Precious Vodka® was initially launched in Europe and Australia to rave reviews and is now sold in over 40 countries worldwide.

“While in Bulgaria, I was introduced to Precious Vodka® by the world-renown Bulgarian Mateev Family. Stefan Mateev developed the formula and presented me with the opportunity to distribute Precious Vodka® in the United States and abroad,” says Kip.

“The key to success for any liquor brand is to be highly touted and sold in the United States, but this is no easy task,” adds Valdez. Kimerly agrees and notes, “It took an enormous amount of work to receive Federal approval in all 50 U.S. States, whereas, the requirements in Europe and Asia are less stringent.”

Made in Bulgaria, three times charcoal-filtered and six times distilled in pure sterling silver with post glacial subterranean spring water, this crystal- shaped carafe is the ultimate haute gift. Guaranteed to please, it is a unique combination of Ultra-Premium Vodka with the most valuable natural precious stones in the world. Beyond pure, this grain-based distillation uses natural spring water and is the recipient of many awards, including the Silver Medal San Francisco Award.


The quality, the taste, the diamond-shaped bottle topped with a semi-precious stone epitomizes luxury and, this year, Precious Vodka® launches in all 50 U.S. States!

Brand Owner, Kip Kimerly, proudly says: “We have just begun our U.S. distribution and have already achieved elite global status, having received multiple awards, five (5), to be exact, from the highly prestigious San Francisco World Spirit Competition.”

Precious Vodka® is produced from distiller-grown and harvested organic winter wheat, and then nourished with post-glacial subterranean spring water. Only the top 10% of the annual harvest makes it to the distillation process. Precious Vodka® is six (6) times distilled and triple-charcoal-filtered, thereby delivering only the highest quality spirit. With its smooth, delicate texture and surprisingly pleasant scent, Precious Vodka® is a spirit that cannot be matched anywhere in the world.