Cowboy boots are primarily made for bad weather conditions and rough outdoors because of their dependability and sturdiness. It is a simple yet versatile winter accessory to add to your wardrobe. Depending on the way you style it, you can even wear them in warmer seasons. Nowadays, most comfortable boots are made by numerous brands and in different styles for both men and women. A pair of boots enables us to mix style with substance and has become an everlasting tradition and lifestyle for everyone. However, it is crucial to consider some things when shopping for these boots in winter.

Cowboy Boots

What to Wear With Cowboy Boots

A maximum of one western-themed item per outfit is an unspoken rule for western-style outfits once you are out of the southwest!

You will trend better if you wear a pair of cowboy boots with a jacket and a glossy belt instead of a bolero tie and cowboy shirt. You don’t want to end up looking like you are in a costume while just trying to make a deliberate fashion statement. Women should click here for more tips.

It is more advisable that you think of your cowboy boots as social wear rather than business, so make arrangements to style them with trousers and simple jackets:

Cowboy Boots

  1. Jackets can change your look from an urban cowboy to a snappy dresser. Though you should not really wear boots without a jacket at least in key metropolitan areas. A jacket will spice up your overall look.
  2. Leather belts with or without decorative buckles are a perfect compliment to your shoes. Just something extra, when a plain belt will do.
  3. Typical work jeans that are light blue in color are a big no-no, your jeans have to be close-fitted and dark. It is easy to style boot-cut jeans than pencil ones. Unless you are a lady, you should refrain from tucking the jeans into the boots. Except you are busy working or on horseback.
  4. If you don’t have a fancy sport jacket, try denim or leather jackets. Since your shoes are already casual, a jacket with lapels will be more suitable than one without lapels. Otherwise, wear a long trench coat which works more naturally with the boots.
  5. Casual suits and dress trousers can be worn with a cowboy boot. Make sure that there is sufficient space for the leg so the boot shaft isn’t bulgy.
  6. Stay away from boots with spurs when out on the town.
  7. To look stylish, a collared shirt with boots is a must. Blue jeans and a t-shirt with boots are best left for when attending a country music show. Patterned casual shirts also work remarkably well,  or a  plain white dress shirt. Ladies can wear a lace blouse ideally with long sleeves.
  8. A cool felt hat in a Western-style complements western boots since it helps you to drive home the the cowboy point. If you don’t want people to assume that you are a cowboy, then you shouldn’t do this.

Simply put let your boots compliment your outfit, not outshine it. You want to achieve all the things linked with Western culture and cowboys – by looking comfortable, skillful and relaxed.

Wear that white shirt, a pair of dark jeans and a dark-colored jacket for a foolproof cowboy boot outfit. Add a stylish belt and you’ll be set.

Cowboy Boots

When to Wear your Boots

If it still isn’t clear by now, western-style boots are casual clothing. Unless your business includes oil or cattle, you shouldn’t wear them for business with a formal setting. Though you might see a few people doing that, you don’t want to end up as the whoops on fashion police show.

Places that best suit cowboy boots: bars, rock concerts, comedy shows, casual restaurants, romantic picnics in the evening, horseback activities, dance classes— salsa, square, etc.

Places where boots might raise eyebrows, include:

  • Classy theater performances
  • First dates (may create the wrong impression)
  • Any presentation at work (think again)
  • Any type of political functions (including casual fundraisers)
  • Modern dance clubs (will be too hard and noisy on the dance floor)
  • Long drives or hikes (not comfortable at all)

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how your boots look— a pair of deep, oxblood red boots with few stitches in red thread will fit more settings than a pair of white boots with bright red Texas stars on the toes.