Going on holiday is something us Brits look forward to more than anything else. After all, it’s our chance to escape the pressures of our day to day lives for something else, whether that be relaxation, excitement, adventure, culture, a combination of these or something completely different, holidays are a popular annual event for us.

When it comes to looking for where to go on holiday, many of us can fall into a rut of visiting the same places over and over again or visiting somewhere similar to where we went the previous year. This year, why not try something a little different?

With global tourism hitting record highs in 2019, with 1.4 billion international travellers jetting all over the globe, a number of places noted a rise in tourism. One of these places was Africa, with a 10% rise in trips to North African destinations.

A fabulous place to visit, the continent of Africa is filled with an abundance of countries that all offer something different. As rich and diverse as any place in the world, many travel operators offer outstanding tours of Africa such as Jules Verne, to ensure you see everything this wondrous place has to offer.

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to one of Africa’s wonders, we’ve highlighted a few places to check out to truly experience an amazing getaway to this marvellous continent.


A hugely popular destination, if you’re wondering where to start out when it comes to exploring Africa, this is probably the best place to begin. The jewel in the North African crown, this is a destination filled with culture and adventure in abundance, making it perfect for everyone looking to visit. Try wandering around the imperial cities of Marrakesh, Fes, Rabat and Meknes, where you’ll be surrounded by numerous souks where you can get lost, while Marrakesh offers ancient palaces such as the Badi Palace and Bahia Palace for you to enjoy. You’ll even find diverse mountain ranges at the Atlas Mountains, while the various beaches offer another side of the scenery you probably didn’t even know existed. Finally, those looking to experience the dessert are also in luck, as you can begin an expedition to the Sahara from many places in Morocco.



If you want a holiday that offers ecological gems, look no further than Botswana. An oasis of nature, this is a place that really has to be seen to be believed. From wondrous fauna and flora to incredible wildlife, you’ll need to keep your eyes open as you look out for everything from elephants and buffalo to zebra, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, warthogs, hippos, more than 500 bird species and many more animals as you explore the area by vehicle, foot or boat.



Keeping on the wilderness trail, something that Africa has a wealth of, Kenya offers a wilderness unlike anywhere else on the continent. If you have high expectations for this place, expect them to be shattered, as it’s even better than you could have ever imagined. From wildebeest and zebra that abound the plains of the savannah, to the palm tree-fringed white sand beaches of Malindi, Watamu, Galu and Diani, you’ll be in awe of the wonders Kenya has to offer. Part of the seasonal migration, make sure you do a little research beforehand and visit when this is taking place, allowing you to witness one of the most spectacular phenomena of nature.

giraffe kenya


If you love nature, but you’re looking for something a little more relaxing where you can forget everything around you, the Seychelles is the place to be. A glorious utopia, you’ll discover no less than 115 stunning island hideaways that you can enjoy in the Indian Ocean. From fine white sand beaches to glistening clear waters and magnificent rock formations, this is the place to go to escape crowds and truly forget yourself. Oh, and make sure you keep an eye out for wildlife, you may even spot a giant Aldabra tortoise.

As you can see, Africa is a country that has everything you could want from a holiday, so, why not think outside the box this year and visit somewhere that’s just waiting to be explored.