For the past eight years the town of Yountville in the Napa Valley wine country, has displayed an exquisite outdoor art collection by local and U.S. artists. Over 30 colorful pieces of art enhance Washington Street, strategically placed along the one main street. Some are in front of trendy restaurants, others near luxury hotels and charming inns, wine tasting rooms, a spa and a museum. Gordon Huether partnered with Yountville Arts to create the Yountville Art Walk. With his guidance and willingness to lend four sculptures, the Yountville Art Wall was born.
IMG_5712 Yountville Art Walk
Tourist can pick up an Art Walk map at the newly renovated Vintage House. There are beautiful pieces near the hotel along the paved path to Michelin starred Executive Chef Thomas Keller’s garden and iconic French Laundry. Some of the culinary theme statues include The Chef by Lorenzo Mills. This is public art and not for sale.
IMG_5688 Yountville Art Walk
Each piece has a plaque located at the sculpture offering the artist’s name, price of the piece and contact number. A percentage of each sale goes into the Yountville Arts fund to support arts related activities and events.
IMG_5658 Yountville Art Walk
Near the Yountville Community Center is a popular statue CHAOS PAMPLONA. It came to Yountville through a generous benefactor who fell in love with the town. The Jedd Novatt’s sculpture was shipped in one piece from Spain and moved into place by a crane. Novatt’s work is represented in numerous public and private collections. Pieces are exhibited extensively in galleries and museums in the United States, Europe and Asia.
IMG_5639 Yountville Art Walk
Artist Peter Hazel has two pieces in the one street town. His high-fired ceramic fruit basket is made with a steel and concrete base, carrying a variety of fruits, including apples, grapes, blackberries, lemons, and pears.   Down the street near French Laundry is Hazel’s Two Fish ceramic mosaic sculpture.
IMG_5662 Yountville Art Walk
Local resident and winery owner Sean Larkin and Yountville Mayor John Dunbar, along with Yountville’s Public Works transported steel from JFK Airport in New York to erect an art 9/11 memorial. The steel is from the 82-104 areas of the North Twin Tower. It was donated to the town of Yountville to remember the community leaders who were in New York on business.
Yountville Art Walk
Near the fork of Yount and Washington Streets is a Sit-by-Me statute “Sidewalk Judge,” a sculpture by J. Seward Johnson Jr. The judge is observing and contemplating all of the tourists driving and walking through town. Visitors are welcome to sit a spell and share their thoughts with the “Judge” – who always has a ready ear for listening.