Adventure Canada Transports Adventurers to Remote Places

Adventure Canada takes expeditioners to some of the most remote and awe-inspiring places in the world, such as the Saint Lawrence River. Whether travelers choose to circumnavigate Newfoundland, walk on Sable Island, investigate the Northwest Passage, navigate the Arctic or travel to other far-reaching destinations, they experience new exciting adventures and witness some of nature’s most breathtaking sights.  Matthew Swan, Director of Business Development and part owner says, “We want to give travelers a raw and genuine feel, not a scripted trip.”

Château Frontenac in Quebec City

Château Frontenac

Adventure Canada launched its second expedition on the Mighty Saint Lawrence River June 25 – July 5, 2017. On the morning of the 25th, expeditioners eagerly congregated inside the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Quebec City awaiting orientation instructions. According hotel records, the Château Frontenac, a 125-year-old castle, welcomes over 300,000 guests each year. Members of royalty, dignitaries, and guests from around the world enjoy strolling throughout the enchanted 7.5 miles of castle and grounds. Guests can dine in one of four hotel restaurants or gaze upon extraordinary views of the Saint Lawrence River through one of the hotel’s 2,000 windows.

The Ocean Endeavor is an ideal vessel for expedition cruising. The ship, built to comfortably accommodate passengers traveling to remote environments, comes equipped with twenty zodiacs, several lounge areas, and a large observation deck. Guests can feel secure as the vessel boasts all the modern technology necessary for safely cruising waters occupied with
massive icebergs.

Food Luxuries along the Mighty Saint Lawrence

Adventure Canada's Grilled Branzino

Grilled Branzino

The foundation of Adventure Canada’s dining experience begins in the Polaris Restaurant. Breakfast and lunch served buffet style create a warm and casual environment while dinner presented tableside allows for a more formal experience. Hearty snacks arrive during late afternoon teatime, and tasty bites created by Chef Francis Itoumbou are arranged in the lounge for late-night noshing. Adventure Canada staff coordinates with local destination chefs to stage additional dining extravaganzas on shore.

Hors d'oeuvres on Tadoussac

Hors d’oeuvres on Tadoussac

After a morning of exploring the first official destination along the Saint Lawrence River,  Tadoussac, expeditioners relished in an impressive array of hors d’oeuvres prepared by Chef Jean-Sébastien Sicard from Chez Mathilde Restaurant. Displayed in their entire splendor, the hors d’oeuvres lay under a vast red tent on the beach alongside a raging bonfire. Guests indulged on pork pate with a confit of onions, deviled eggs speckled with truffle, gravlax studded with pine needles and thyme then topped with sour cream, and finished with a sweet croissant stuffed with chocolate and blueberries.

Madelaine Island

Madelaine Island

Waterfall in Garcia Bay

Waterfall in Garcia Bay

Another destination along the Saint Lawrence was the Magdalen Island of Madelaine. Many residents on the island take pride in their Acadian heritage. Other locals come from age-old English settlements or allege to be descendants of shipwreck survivors. While on the island, several of Adventure Canada’s travelers chose to eat lunch at Les Pas Perdus, a lovely bistro style restaurant on the island. The restaurant’s special was the seal burger. This tasty burger, made with a mixture of both ground beef and seal, was topped with a filet of duck, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and ketchup. Served on a soft bun with a small side salad and french fries, this rich flavorful burger is truly a local delicacy. Paired with a glass of red wine, the burger was a special delight.

Seal Burger

Seal Burger

remains an official territory of the French Republic and is one of the last stops along the Saint Lawrence. Shops filled with French-baked goods and products dotted the town while local restaurants served up traditional French food. I delighted in the duck confit, cooked to perfection, accompanied by perfectly sautéed vegetables at Les P’tits Graviers.

Cocoa laced with Baileys Irish Cream

Cocoa laced with Baileys Irish Cream

Luxury tasting opportunities abounded along the Saint Lawrence both on the ship and onshore. Adventure Canada took it one step further. On this cool and foggy day, zodiac drivers transported expeditioners to and from the ship to an uninhabited section of Newfoundland’s southern coastal shore. Travelers explored the island, hiked up hills, discovered sea creatures in the tides, and wandered about the island at their leisure. When finished, they loaded into the zodiacs and began their return to the ship through a ghostly fog. During transit, another zodiac suddenly emerged in nearby waters. Bodies, shrouded in the fog, materialized and signaled for the zodiac to approach. Guests found the boat filled with ship staff offering delectable cups of hot chocolate laced with Baileys Irish Cream. Expeditioners delighted in the surprise and greedily partook of the warming drink, then finished their transport back to the ship.

Exceptional Landscape and Wildlife Viewing

Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale

The Saguenay Fjord hosts some of the most spectacular whale watching in Canada. Beluga and minke whales thrive in these waters comprised of a mix of fresh water from Lac Saint-Jean and tidal water flowing from the Saint Lawrence Estuary. This mix of water provides an ideal habitat full of food for these mammals.

Percé Rock

Percé Rock

Île-Bonaventure Provincial Park
offers outstanding wildlife viewing from the water. Traveling via zodiac, expeditioners spotted hundreds of northern gannets and world-renowned flora and fauna. Located on the eastern end of the Gaspé Peninsula is one of Canada’s most breathtaking features, Percé Rock. The natural arch formed of reddish limestone and sandstone is a perfect nesting place for birds and an excellent area to site whales.

Skyline Cabot Trail Hiking


Skyline Trail on Cape Breton Island

Skyline Trail on Cape Breton Island

It is imperative to witness some of Saint Lawrence’s coastal beauty from the shore. Travelers donned their boots, jackets and gloves and hit the trails to experience Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The stunning island embodies gentle rolling pastures, old growth forests, extensive plateaus, desolate headlands, glacial valleys, and rocky shores. Beginning in the quaint village of Chéticamp, buses transferred hikers to the Cabot Trail to begin their explorations. The trail, completed in 1932, connects local fishing villages to one another. Trails are well marked and easy to follow. Individual hikers chose to traverse easy sections of the trail or to tackle the Skyline Trail, a 5.6-mile loop including a bit more elevation gain. The first part of the Skyline Trail meanders through open meadows and then cuts through the old-growth forest. Wildlife flourishes in the area, and hikers do well to keep a sharp lookout for moose. This area now protects a substantial moose population that only a few years ago was on the verge of extinction. The coastline on Cape Brenton Island entertains some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Boardwalks led the hikers down to a plateau with breathtaking views of the ocean. Wind gusts kept them on their toes forcing them to hold on to their hats and grab the handrails while traveling down to the viewing area. After hiking the trail, many expeditioners chose to lunch and shop in the village of Chéticamp.

Traveling with Adventure Canada in 2018

Explorers on Newfoundland's southern coast

Explorers on Newfoundland’s southern coast

Traveling with Adventure Canada is a fulfilling and unique experience offering adventure opportunities to a wide range of people. Designed for both soft and hard adventures, land expeditions offer guests activities with varying levels of exertion. Each day passengers aboard the Ocean Endeavor enjoy the option to remain aboard the ship throughout the day or explore destinations at their leisure. This allows each person to appreciate Adventure Canada trips in a personalized fashion. Adventure Canada chooses an exciting variety of locations to explore each year, and 2018 is no exception.

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All photos Copyright © 2017 Tracy Ellen Beard