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The Luxe Beat Magazine Opportunity.

Writing for Luxe Beat Magazine is more than just another writing gig. It is an opportunity to be a part of a one of the fastest growing luxury magazines in the world.

  • Are you looking to reach an international audience?
  • Would you like to see your articles incorporated into our beautiful design layout?
  • Have you been looking for the chance to be the focus of a featured interview?
  • Have you thought about expanding your journalistic reach and trying your hand at radio?
  • Do you have an idea for a column?
  • Are you interested in sitting on a luxury publication committee or advisory board?

Our subscriber base is growing quickly and we are looking for strong writers who are committed to at least submitting one article to us every six months. We are also interested in regular monthly columns. We are more than just a magazine, radio is a part of our multi-media reach (Luxe Beat Radio Network) in addition to our book series. If you’re not contributing to Luxe Beat…you’re not on the right list.

Do you have what it takes to write for Luxe Beat Magazine?

Do you have what it takes to write for Luxe Beat Magazine?

Luxe Beat Magazine Submission Guidelines.

Thank you for your interest Luxe Beat Magazine.  We are currently looking for new contributors to add to our database of writers and review new applications once a month. Our editorial review committee will assess each submission carefully as we are looking for quality content to meet the needs of our audience in the luxury space. In the event that you are selected as a contributor, you will receive an email notification with detailed instructions on how to submit your first article. New contributors are expected to contribute their first article within 90 days of being approved. By submitting an article to Luxe Beat Magazine the author agrees that Luxe Beat Magazine is free to edit grammar and typographical errors without the consent of the author. Luxe Beat Magazine reserves the right to:

  1. Request the author rework an article if it is not up to the Luxe Beat Magazine standards and resubmit for further review.
  2. Change the article title to better suit the needs of the Luxe Beat Magazine edition and editorial calendar, or improve SEO.
  3. Reject the submission.

Luxe Beat Magazine publishes a digital magazine that is subscription-based and offered in print, on-demand. Additionally online articles are posted daily. New content will be reviewed for inclusion in the digital edition and if selected will be held until the appropriate digital edition is released.  That same article will be posted online after the digital version is released.  Not all content that is selected will be included in the digital publication and may only be promoted on the website.

The marketing team at Luxe Beat Magazine makes every effort to promote each writer’s article via social media and other online outlets. We encourage our writers to actively promote their own posts and those of their fellow writers via their own social networks.

Here are some examples of our magazine layouts:

Charter Luxury Private Yacht to Explore Antarctica by Maralyn D. Hill

Charter Luxury Private Yacht to Explore Antarctica by Maralyn D. Hill

The Rocky Mountaineer: A Train to the Sublime by Lillian Africano

The Rocky Mountaineer: A Train to the Sublime by Lillian Africano

Celebrity Eyes on Christian Roth article on Luxe Beat Magazine

Celebrity Eyes on Christian Roth by Sherrie Wilkolaski

Chef Yves Le Lay Nordic Islands Cuisine by Janice Nieder

Chef Yves Le Lay Nordic Islands Cuisine by Janice Nieder

Here are some examples from our online daily posts:

City of Dreams Artist Layla Fanucci

VIP Vienna

Emeril Reacts to Fisher’s Menu in Orange Beach, Alabama

Art in Full Bloom

1-2-2015 Luxe Beat Magazine Features1-2-2015 Luxe Beat Magazine Features

Republished Content. Luxe Beat Magazine does accept previously published content. It will be promoted via our social media outlets and along with new content. We are always looking for evergreen content, so please submit for review.

Submission Guidelines:

Please follow our guidelines as failure to comply may result in rejection. Contributors who consistently do not abide by our guidelines will be removed from our database. Once a contributor has been selected by the Luxe Beat Magazine editorial committee they will be provided with their own online access to post their content directly into our system. If you’re interested in submitting an article for consideration and joining us as a contributor please submit an application. Our editorial review committee reviews new submissions quarterly.

luxe beat magazine cover collage oct sept augGuidelines:

Contributors agree that by submitting any content to Luxe Beat Magazine, LLC, Luxe Beat Media and/or any of their subsidiaries, in the form of the written word, images, video, audio files, or other content, they have the rights to said content and take all responsibility for any legal actions taken against Luxe Beat Magazine in the event, it is proved that the contributor did not have the legal rights to share said content, photographs or electronic images, audio, or video files. The contributor will be responsible for any and all financial fees associated with any legal action. By submitting an application and/or an article for consideration, the contributor is agreeing to said terms.

1.      Title. Article titles should capitalize each proper word. The title should be direct and to the point. If submitting an article to be included in a digital edition before releasing online, place the words DIGITAL EDITION at the end of the article title.

Example: Maui’s Unique Spa Adventures

 2.      Subtitle: We encourage a subtitle that allows for a more creative detail of the article.

Example: Award-winning spas offer ancient rituals with indigenous products.

3.      Word count. We are looking for articles that are on average 1,500-2000 words for features and will take smaller articles 800-1,500.

4.      Spacing. Articles should be single spaced.

5.      New paragraphs. One space between paragraphs.

6.      Margins. Margins should always be flush to the left.

7.      Content. We are looking for well-written, creative, informative and entertaining content that targets the luxury market. We follow the AP Stylebook.

8.     Language. Luxe Beat Magazine is published in English. Our audience is a global market with global contributors. Each writer should write in their native English language. We will expect each contributor to write in their respective native English language. (i.e. US, UK, AUS, CAN, etc.)


Luxe Beat Magazine does not pay for photos and expect our contributors to submit photographs to support their articles.

Photographers wanted

Website. We accept photographs up to 128 MB uploaded as JPG and/or PNG files for articles published online at

Captions. Captions are welcome to accompany photographs and should be descriptive and short. No punctuation should be used at the end of a caption.

File naming. Photograph files must be named as follows: MONTHArticle Title-Contributor Name and then consecutive numbers. (i.e. NOVEMBER-Article Title-Jane Doe1, NOVEMBERArticle Title-Jane Doe2, etc.)

Once the photos have been named, they should be put into a zip folder and named with the MONTH–Article Title-Contributor Name (i.e. NOVEMBER-Article Title-Jane Doe).

Photo credit and copyright attribution. At the end of each article credit must be provided to the photographer or copyright holder for all images included in the article. In the event there is a photographer working with the contributor, we will highlight that photographer at the top of article along with the writer.


Photos courtesy of Luxury Hotels of America.

Photos Copyright © 2015 Jane Doe

Editorial Deadlines.

Our Editorial Calendar and Editorial Deadlines are clearly posted on the site, be sure to reference topics of interest. We are open to content that does not exactly fall under the specific theme of the month and work to keep up with daily editorial focus as well.

luxe beat magazine cover collage jun july mayLuxe Beat Magazine reserves the right to refuse any content and/or pull previously published content at any time.

Promotion. Luxe Beat Magazine is proud to work with some of the most talented writers, photographers and bloggers. We encourage our contributors to feature their work with Luxe Beat Magazine by adding the Featured Contributor Button to their website or press page, as well as linking to their individual article clips. We thank you for your contribution to Luxe Beat and for helping to make the magazine a success.