At Luxe Beat Magazine we provide our readers with insider knowledge of unexpected luxury experiences. Our writers travel the globe to uncover the absolute best that the world has to offer. Through exclusive interviews with celebrity chefs, authors, and executive profiles, we offer content you won’t find anywhere else. We uncover the most luxurious spas, dining and travel experiences that money can buy. If you haven’t heard of Luxe Beat, you’re not on the right list.


In 2012 Luxe Beat Magazine co-founders, Sherrie Wilkolaski and Maralyn Hill were travelling together, promoting the International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA). Bouncing from one city to the next the respective IFWTWA board members were meeting new luxury lifestyle journalists at various Travel & Adventure shows in cities throughout the US. On the last evening of a trip in Dallas, the pair were discussing the void in the luxury travel magazine market. Publicists, tourism bureaus and luxury hoteliers are all looking for feature coverage in luxury publications. Maralyn was turning down one invitation after another because of the limited coverage the media outlets she was writing for allowed. Within a matter of moments, the pair looked at each other and Luxe Beat was born. Sherrie’s background in journalism and publishing, married with Maralyn’s luxury and epicurean experience was a perfect match.

In November 2013, Luxe Beat Magazine launched at the International Emmy Awards in Midtown, New York launching the online edition and released the first monthly digital magazine in February 2014. In early 2014, Lillian Africano joined the team as Managing Editor.

Luxe Beat Today

Luxe Beat Magazine is moving into its sixth year of publication! We reach our audience via our online publication, digital and print-on-demand monthly magazine, social media, content syndication and we’ll be launching our daily podcast series next month. Our website audience reaches over one million unique visitors annually, our digital magazine reaches 150,000 readers annually and we have 510K+ viewers per month via Pinterest. Our content is syndicated via a variety of sites and channels reaching an audience of 100,000+ monthly.

Multi-Media and Content Publishing

Luxe Beat has evolved over the years and expanded from it’s one publication, Luxe Beat Magazine. Luxe Beat Media is a full-service media content and custom publisher specializing in the food, wine and travel space. Services include creating online content branding campaigns, books, podcasts, print-on-demand digital and print magazine, and custom publishing products. To learn more about our advertising and content publishing services please visit our advertising page.

Luxury Travel Experiences

Luxury is the spice of life. – Sherrie Wilkolaski, Editor-in-Chief

The Luxe Beat team has decades of experience in the luxury travel space along with top-notch sales, marketing and PR know-how. Luxe Beat has partnered with Virtuoso Luxury Travel Experience experts via Passionate Travel and Classic Travel. We’re cultivating some of the most unique luxury experiences around. To learn more please visit our Luxury Travel Experiences page or contact Randi Winter at 425.283.7690, or call 888.212.6444. Exclusive Luxe Beat upgrades and offers on all bookings!

Luxe Beat Team

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Luxe Beat Magazine exceeds expectations with extraordinary luxury.