Three Different Artists Who Are Inspired by Flowers

Botanical Gardens

Photo of “The Orchid Show: Key West Contemporary” at The New York Botanical Garden. Photo by Ivo M. Vermeulen. This exhibition features classic and exotic orchids and continues through April 21, 2014.

With the arrival of spring New York City residents and visitors alike are encouraged to visit the many wonderful outdoor attractions such as The New York Botanical Garden. Located in the Bronx, this spectacular 250 acre oasis offers diverse gardens and luxuriant plant collections.

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”  ~ Luther Burbank

Viewing art that has been inspired by flowers and fauna is an experience that offers us the same healing benefits we receive from exploring outdoor gardens. The magnificent beauty of flowers and their symbolic meanings have inspired artists throughout history. Durer’s botanicals, Monet’s water lilies, O’Keeffe’s poppies, Van Gogh’s sunflowers, and Warhol’s daisies are merely a few of many cherished examples of life-affirming works of art.

Contemporary artists Lisa Goesling, Arthur Jacob, and Sheila Grabarsky are also inspired by nature. They bring their technical prowess and  joie de vivre to their art to uplift our spirits.

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Lisa Goesling

Evolution of an Iris

Lisa Goesling, “Evolution of an Iris”, mixed media etched out of black scratchboard, 23″ x 19″.

Lisa Goesling is guided by her passion to create detailed compositions of flowers, vegetables and insects.

The artist who lives in the Chicago, Illinois area exclaims, “I find the textures, shapes, patterns, and repetition of nature incredibly inspiring.”

GoeslingGoesling begins a piece by first closely examining the characteristics of her subject with a magnifying glass. Then, with sharp tools, she etches fine lines into a museum quality, acid-free, archival board that has been covered with porcelain clay and India ink, manufactured by Ampersand.

By varying the amount of pressure she applies with her tools the artist achieves a myriad of contours, values and textures.

Inside Iris

Lisa Goesling, “Inside of an Iris”, etched out of black scratchboard, 12″ x 12″.

Goesling’s impressive artistry has attracted many collectors and accolades. Most recently, her drawing titled “Inside of an Iris” was chosen to appear on the cover of “TransAtlantic”, the New York Times bestselling novel by Colum McCann, which will be published in the spring, 2014.  It also received a Manhattan Arts International “Critic’s Choice Award” in 2013 from Jill Conner, New York art critic and curator.

About “Inside of an Iris” Conner stated, “Blossoms and stems unwind in a circular pattern as if arranged upon a flat surface. Yet Goesling’s use of lyricism in line suggests a series of performative moments that spin boundlessly.”


Lisa Goesling, “Eremurus or Foxtail Lily”, mixed media etched out of black scratchboard, 12″ x 12″.

Goesling’s artistic approach requires mistake-free proficiency, time and patience. She explains, “Although I prefer to work from the real flower, weed or leaf, I am careful to photograph them in case they perish before I have completed my art.”

Created with flawless execution and originality Goesling’s art work ranges in size from as small as 4”x4” to as large as 30”x50”. The prolific award-winning artist states, “The smaller boards go everywhere with me, since I never know when I am going to be inspired!”

To view more of Lisa Goesling’s art visit her website

Arthur Jacob

Garden Flowers

Arthur Jacob, “Garden Flowers”, photography/digital art, 16” x 20”.

Arthur Jacob is an imaginative artist who  has fully embraced the digital age with gusto and exclaims, “I invite viewers of my art to undertake an exciting adventure of discovery.”

As a photographer and digital artist who uses his computer mouse as a paint brush Jacob is energized by the range of unlimited possibilities that this new and expanding medium offers.

After photographing his desired subject Jacob manipulates the image using different digital applications. He states, “The number of software programs available to me is amazing. New ones are introduced every two or three months.”

Hanging Flowers

Arthur Jacob, “Hanging Basket In The Moonlight”, photography/digital art, 20” x 16”.

He has created a series of nature-inspired images titled “In The Back Yard”. Comprised of many dramatic floral motifs this portfolio reflects the artist’s exuberant painterly techniques, use of vibrant colors and rich contrasts.

Jacob’s creative versatility has propelled his art into many homes, medical facilities and other non-residential spaces. He produces art in a variety of sizes and substrates, which is attractive to interior designers and architects. Among his many large scale commissioned pieces is an abstract triptych of mixed flowers that measures approximately 7 feet high and nearly 12 feet wide.


Arthur Jacob, “Dhalinias”, photography/digital art, 20″ x 16″.

Becky Najafi, De Altelier Design Group, is president of the Interior Design Society, Las Vegas, Nevada. She has used Jacob’s art for many of her projects and states, “Arthur Jacob’s work is inspiring, refreshing, intriguing and a delicious experience for all the senses. The bold colors and movements in his pieces are exciting and jubilant.”

Jacob has received international recognition including three awards from the Medial Museum in London, England. He is the recipient of two Awards of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International.


Arthur Jacob, “Yellow Dhalia Center”, photography/digital art, 20″ x 16″.

In addition to exhibiting in many one-person and group exhibitions, Jacob’s art has been selected by the Museum of Digital Fine Art and The Museum of Computer Art for their online exhibitions.

As an active member of the art community Jacob has served on the board of the Coos Bay Art Museum in the state of Oregon where he currently resides. He will be moving to Florida in April, 2014.

He is also the founder of Exhibitions Without Walls, an organization that provides opportunities for photographers and digital artists.

To view more of Arthur Jacob’s art visit his website at

Sheila Grabarsky

Fantasy Garden 15

Sheila Grabarsky, “Fantasy Garden #15″, acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 36”.

Sheila Grabarsky is a New Jersey artist known for her bold and expressive gestural abstract paintings. A juxtaposition of contrasting colors, loose brushwork and spontaneity characterize her work.

Grabarsky achieves a medley of sumptuous, tactile surfaces by applying layers upon layers of fresh paint and dried acrylics from her palette – what she refers to as “palette skins”. She also applies papers, plastic resin pellets, gels, wax and even jewelry hardware to her paintings to add reflection, depth and texture.

Fantasy Garden 6

Sheila Grabarsky, “Fantasy Garden #6″, mixed media, 36″ x 24”.

The artist’s widely recognized “Garden” paintings transcend the literal depiction of her chosen subject matter. They engage viewers on an emotional level, provide a personal connection to nature and provoke a visceral response.

She delights in introducing people to new ways of viewing the world and explains, “Abstraction is a wonderful way to observe an inner reality for both the artist and the viewer. I would like to convey to the viewer that we are surrounded by abstractions — everywhere we look.”

In The Park

Sheila Grabarsky, “In The Park”, mixed media, 36″ x 36″.

Grabarsky’s animated paintings have been compared to those of Vasily Kandinsky, the Russian painter and art theorist, referred to as “the father of abstraction”. And, like Kandinsky, the essence of inner beauty and the potency of the human spirit are key factors in her art.

As the artist explains, “My work is about introspection — spiritual, psychological, and soul-searching.”

Fantasy Garden 12

Sheila Grabarsky, “Fantasy Garden #12″, acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 36”.

The energetic artist embraces different genres of music which accompany her in her studio and invigorate her canvases with an undulating rhythmic movement. Her art is in many private collections, has been featured on music CD covers, and was selected as the background for a collaborative J&J/Rutgers video.

In addition to New York City, Grabarsky has had exhibitions at the Bergen Museum, Masur Museum of Art and the Clymer Museum, and other venues throughout the United States.

To view more of Sheila Grabarsky’s art visit

Consider bringing nature-inspired works of art and their restorative qualities into your living and working environments. As Sir John Lubbock eloquently stated, “Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life.”

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