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Rising Seas – No Problem with Floating Homes

While man grapples with the fear of the unknown such as stronger hurricanes and rising seas that they worry will eventually turn inland cities such as Orlando and Philadelphia into beachfront property, a Florida company has found a solution for the very wealthy: the houseboat of the future. Equipped to run on shore power or the sun, Arkup’s “first electrical livable yacht” combines a luxury yacht, waterfront villa and self-sustainability into a glamorous floating-motoring home. Able to run completely off grid via 2,300 square feet of rooftop solar panels, the boat has four spuds that can lift it above the water...

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Nanjing, China: Come for the history, stay for the food

Savvy travelers know Nanjing as a hidden treasure, offering an array of rich historical and cultural sites for visitors to explore. Located in Jiangsu Province just outside of Shanghai, this city of more than 8 million sits along the Yangtze River, with the majestic Purple Mountain rising in the east. One of China’s four ancient capital cities, Nanjing enjoys a relaxed pace compared to mega-cities like Beijing and is easy to navigate, with modern public transportation and plenty of taxis. Once you’ve enjoyed Nanjing’s cultural traditions and historical attractions, relax and enjoy the remarkable hospitality and incredible food. Here...

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Notre Dame Cathedral By The Numbers

By Niall McCarthy Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has experienced a devastating fire which has destroyed its roof and caused its spire to collapse. Firefighters worked through the night and were able to save the 850 year-old building’s main structure and its two main towers. The cause of the fire is unclear but the Paris prosecutor’s office has said it is being investigated as an accident with renovation works already being cited as a possibility. A visibly emotional French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to rebuild the iconic cathedral. He said “we’ll rebuild this cathedral all together and it’s undoubtedly part of...

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Top Three Kitchen Advancements for Today’s Technicurean Home Chefs

The latest advances in home kitchen design and technology Today’s home chefs are smart and sophisticated. They want the latest tools to simplify their lives and make their culinary dreams a reality. This year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, North America’s premier industry event, highlighted the top kitchen design innovations, including smart technology that helps the modern home chef achieve professional-level results in their own kitchen. Other top themes included sustainability and ways integrated technology can improve food and drink preservation, plus overall wellness. Here’s what we learned: 1) Smarter appliances offer restaurant-worthy results All that practice and preparation...

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5 reasons a river cruise is the ideal way to see Europe

Travel with ease and class on a river cruise for the best ever vacation An international trip is the experience of a lifetime. If you’re looking for a travel option that offers up-close interactions with a cross section of countries — but without the hassle of planning and executing that level of detail yourself — a river cruise may be the option you’re seeking. Unlike an ocean cruise, which typically docks farther away, the size of a river ship allows guests the opportunity to port in small, lesser-known towns and sail into the heart of iconic cities, such as...

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How you can make a difference on your next vacation

Looking for a vacation that’s not only fun, but also meaningful? Wish you had more time to volunteer in a way that really makes a difference? There’s a simple solution: Plan your next vacation around a great volunteer opportunity. Whether on your own or with the entire family, volunteering on vacation is a wonderful way to explore a favorite destination or someplace you’ve always wanted to go, while contributing to a cause you care about. It’s also one of the fastest growing travel trends in 2019. According to a Google Consumer survey, one in four travelers report that they...

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Top Celebrity Fashion Brands

It used to be that celebrities concentrated only on their regular careers, and fashion brands were limited to designers and fashion icons. Turns out, celebrity clothing lines have been around a long time, with the likes of American actress and producer Gloria Swanson, and even the legendary Beatles, taking the lead. Today, no one does this better than the Kardashian/Jenner/West clan, but celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Beyoncé, and Cardi B are slowly catching up. If you’re one of those avid fans trying to keep up with the latest fashion “celebreneurs” here are some of the top brands you need...

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Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

Whether completely remodeling your kitchen or just looking for a few simple upgrades to make your cooking space shine, it can be difficult to know where to begin. A well-designed kitchen can incorporate both style and luxury, but it’s also important to upgrade in ways that make everyday tasks easier and your space more efficient. From larger upgrades like an entire suite of matching stainless steel kitchen appliances to elegant and durable quartz countertops or a new dining set, to smaller optimizations such as a smart thermostat to control temperatures or multi-tiered cabinet organizers, it’s easy to breathe new...

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9 Ways to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Getting into a regular routine of working out is both a blessing and a curse. While it’s nice to have a well-maintained schedule or exercise routine, it can also get tiring to do the same old thing and seeing little to no results. While it’s true that going through the motions of a workout is better than no workout at all, it can still be taxing on your brain and motivation to get stuck in a cycle of monotony. With these nine tips and tricks, you’ll be able to upgrade your workout to the next level. Dial up the...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to New York City

Known as the city that never sleeps, New York City is one of the most popular destinations in the world to visit and live in. Made up of five boroughs, there are plenty of areas to choose from when it comes to making the big move. Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan each have something different and unique to offer. Here are five reasons why you should consider relocating to New York City. Fantastic Views New York City has arguably the most famous skyline on earth. No matter how long you have lived in the city, you...

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3 Classy Ways to Have a Portrait Done

What’s classier than having a beautifully rendered portrait of yourself? Naysayers might call a portrait “ostentatious” or “narcissistic,” but is it really more so than posting your selfies all over the World Wide Web? Not at all. A portrait says, “I am amazing. I am unique. I believe in myself. I love myself.” And a portrait makes for a beautiful piece of home décor. Nowadays, most people have their portraits done via a professional photographer. But a portrait doesn’t have to be limited to photography. There are so many unique ways to capture your image. Here are 3 classy...

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The Top Five Luxury Vacation Destinations of 2019

With ever-changing geopolitical climates and awareness surrounding hidden gems throughout the world, the luxury travel scene changes every year. For those who like to plan an annual getaway, this creates an incredible opportunity to do something a little different. 2019 is expected to be a great year for luxury travelers around the globe. From exotic locales to urban delights, here are the top five luxury vacation destinations of 2019. New York City, USA Don’t be fooled into thinking that a luxury retreat necessitates white sand beaches and panoramic vistas. According to the experts at, more and more consumers...

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