Global Etiquette

Global Etiquette: Enjoyable Conversations

What’s acceptable conversation around the globe varies somewhat, but the common courtesies seem to remain. I’ll try to include as many as possible. Many of us know those who appear to be the life of the party, but are they really? Or do they seem to be taking center stage and becoming bores? Others have a tremendous fear of speaking up because they don’t think they have something interesting to say. Hopefully, we will have some hints that will help both categories. A good conversation consists of an equal amount of give and take from the parties involved, allowing...

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Global Etiquette – Cell Phone Usage

In today’s world, cell phones have become more and more prevalent. They provide many benefits but also include some challenges and aggravations. I think most of us are taken in by the convenience and do not think about the difficulties they cause unless they affect us. July was National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, an event founded by author and etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore in 2002 with the intent of making mobile phone users more respectful of their surroundings. To avoid offending others, Whitmore offered the following advice in honor of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month: Be all there: When...

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Global Etiquette: E-Mail

Before e-mail, there was book after book providing the proper protocol for business letters, personal letters, notes, congratulations and just about everything imaginable. In general, people followed the etiquette guidelines they learned in school. The higher the degree, the more formal some of the guidelines became. With the speed and ease of the Internet, many have gotten careless, think etiquette doesn’t matter and simply don’t think about it. Well, it does matter; it represents you and more important, your company. Often we have been in a rush and don’t proof read what we are e-mailing and we make mistakes....

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Global Etiquette – International Dining

Any country you are visiting may have extremely different dining etiquette rules than those you are used to. On the other hand, they may be similar. The key is to be prepared. You may find yourself sitting on the floor, eating with your hands, or trying exotic food. To avoid too many shocks and surprises, take some time to discover the dining etiquette rules that are common at your destination. Be sure to be humble and respectful when you make a mistake. There is a lot to learn and it helps to keep a little notebook as you go...

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Global Business Etiquette: Dress Matters

The phrase, “You only have one chance to make a first impression,” is still as accurate as when it was originally said. It has been around so long, I could not find out to whom to attribute the advice. In any case, John T. Molloy, author of the best-selling books Dress for Success in the ‘70s, and then The Woman’s Dress For Success Book brought the subject to light and would agree. There have been a handful of books written on the subject, most recently Molly Gotham’s Dress for Success: A Step-by-Step Guide to Looking Polished and Professional at...

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