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6 Amazing Wardrobe Must-Have Items

Is your wardrobe missing a little something something? If reaching into your closet has lost its thrill, spice things up again with playful picks for day or night. Indeed, no wardrobe is complete without these must-have items. Work or play, when your wardrobe needs a refresh, you’ll know what to reach for and where to find it. So, complete your look from head to toe with something for every body. 1. Bodacious Bodysuits For a polished ensemble that oozes sex appeal, a bodysuit is the hyper go-anywhere-be-anything piece. During the day, layer a lace bodysuit in a top and blazer for...

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Luxury Accessories For your Fashion Trend

From vintage to modern statement, accessories set the finishing strokes to any of your outfits, which tells everyone that you care and give thought into the more precise details. Not only an accessory gives you confidence in your fashion style because it can also help you stay at ease, which is an integral part of fashion. So, what are these timeless luxuries that you can incorporate into your fashion sense regardless of the style trends? Ageless Classic Sunglasses Gorgeous sunglasses do not merely hide those tired eyes of yours because they can add a mysterious atmosphere to your style....

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Belstaff Opens New Concept Store on Regent Street

2019 is proving to be a pivotal year for the much-loved British heritage fashion brand Belstaff who have made a number of big moves so far. They have made key changes to their stores in Spitalfields, Glasgow and Munich, launched an eye-catching new collection and adopted a new “community-first” approach to retail. The biggest development, however, has been the opening of a stunning new flagship store on London’s iconic Regent Street. A New Neighbourhood The new store is found in a beautiful Grade II listed building and places Belstaff next to a handful of long-established stores, popular independent shops...

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How to Use Your Accessories to Complete and Polish Your Look

Have you ever wondered how some women always seem to look polished, no matter what they’re wearing? They could be rocking jeans and a white tee shirt or a little black dress… either way, their outfits come off as put together and stylish. While it is possible that they have an endless closet of designer clothes or a stylist to help them choose the perfect outfits, there’s something else that can make or break an outfit. The secret to taking even the most basic outfit to complete and polished is the art of accessorizing. Knowing how to choose the...

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Luxury Fashion Sneakers Worth Spending Your Money On

Italy is the world’s fashion capital where top footwear designers are headquartered.  It is no wonder when a fashion trend begins in Italy and hits the rest of the world at a later time. From fitness shoes to a high-end fashion staple, the sneaker’s move up the ladder in the fashion world depicts the most significant developments in our society in recent years. This is the case for P448 Italian fashion sneakers. The first collection of P448, which combined ferments of streetwear culture and pop spirit, placed this brand on the fashion map alongside other high-end contenders. Unlike other...

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Heading to London? New Interactive Map Reveals Fashion Influencers’ Favourite Spots

With summer break fast approaching, many are planning their next trip abroad. But, with so much to see, do, and taste, how are we to know which are the best things to experience? E-commerce platform and fashion experts SilkFred have created an interactive map of London that explores the fashion, food and culture of the capital – illustrating not only a few fan favourites but also some hidden gems to add to your travel bucket list. The top 5 hotspots include: Rank Location Hashtag No. of Uses 1 London Eye #londoneye 2,762,343 2 Tower Bridge #towerbridge 1,931,009 3 Italian...

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Top Celebrity Fashion Brands

It used to be that celebrities concentrated only on their regular careers, and fashion brands were limited to designers and fashion icons. Turns out, celebrity clothing lines have been around a long time, with the likes of American actress and producer Gloria Swanson, and even the legendary Beatles, taking the lead. Today, no one does this better than the Kardashian/Jenner/West clan, but celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Beyoncé, and Cardi B are slowly catching up. If you’re one of those avid fans trying to keep up with the latest fashion “celebreneurs” here are some of the top brands you need...

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Luxury Footwear Celebs Love to Flaunt on Social Media

When it comes to luxury footwear, no one does it better than the celebs. As any stylist will tell you, shoes can make or break a look, which is why nailing your choice of kicks is so important. Celebrities choose their shoes based on two key components: personal style and current trends. This strategy is ideal for all of us, as it allows you to look good among the crowd while still showcasing your unique taste in fashion. Comfort is another component that matters. While every fashionista loves a good pair of six-inch heels, they’re not exactly ideal for...

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How to make your first cowboy boots comfortable for winter wear

With below freezing temperatures and snow blanketing the ground, winter may leave you scrambling for warmth over style. However, you don’t necessarily need to look like an Eskimo, especially when it comes to selecting your footwear. There’s nothing more fashionable than wearing your winter clothes with sleek-looking cowboy boots! Luckily, the most comfortable boots come in styles for both men and women. Shopping for and buying your first cowboy boots is easy! Making sure they are winter-ready, however, takes some doing. Unless you want your feet irritated and blistered, you may need to break them in to make sure...

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Hermès Birkin Bag Becomes Even Harder To Acquire In 2018

The chasm between demand and supply of Hermès Birkin handbags is greater than ever according to the latest market research conducted by ultra-luxury consignment service, Baghunter. Factors such as a growing US economy and celebrities continually pictured with Birkin bags have both contributed to an increase in demand. Meanwhile, a decrease in Birkin owners willing to sell their coveted possession has brought about a mini-Hermès drought across the secondary market. As one of the largest consignors of Hermès bags in the United States, Baghunter has analyzed company data including the number of clients and collectors inquiring about selling or consigning...

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How to Wear Fall 2018 Trends

Choosing to follow clothing trends is a double-edged sword: you want to look modern, but you don’t want to throw your money away on items that will only be “in” for a season! The good news is, you can rock some of this year’s hottest runway looks by collecting a few key pieces or re-imagining some of the things you already have in your wardrobe. Below Opulent Jewelers will show you how to wear a few fashions from Fall 2018 by styling timeless pieces that you’ll keep for years to come. Whether you’re one to make a daring statement...

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Luxury eyewear – how to get it right, every time

Most of us will wear glasses at some point in our lives, whether for distance, reading or simply being able to see in the sun. Choosing the right pair can be a daunting task, especially for those of us who are conscious about being on trend. Here’s a guide especially for the luxury-living consumer, so that you make the right decisions. Shop designers you trust In the eyewear sphere, there are some big names out there for both regular glasses and sunglasses. You’ve probably heard of Ray-Ban and Oakley, because these are known for putting out iconic frames. You’ll...

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